Longtime ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Could Exit the Show, Reporter Says

"Vanderpump Rules" cast.

Heavy/Bravo Ariana Madix could leave "Vanderpump Rules."

Entertainment reporter Kristyn Burtt believes that “Vanderpump Rules” star Ariana Madix may exit the show. The comment came after Madix was confirmed as the new permanent host of “Love Island.”

“I have watched a couple episodes of ‘Love Island,’ I’m not like deep into it or anything, but I will say, I think I’m just going to predict this: I think this is her exit from ‘Vanderpump Rules’,” Burtt said on the April 5 episode of the “Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans” podcast.

“I feel like it is,” she continued, doubling down.

Madix has been on “Vanderpump Rules” from its inception. She inked a deal to appear in a full-time role beginning in season 3.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Have Been Talking About Ariana Madix Leaving ‘Vanderpump Rules’ for Months

Back in December 2023, fans took to Reddit to discuss the possibility of Madix leaving the show that made her famous. While many admitted that there’s a good chance that Madix could walk away from the Bravo series, others felt that it wouldn’t be the smartest move for her right now, mainly because of the money that the network will likely be paying her for season 12.

“She definitely has more and more business ventures and projects outside of the show, which could entice her to leave. I feel like things may be winding down for VPR anyway,” one person wrote.

“She’s getting extra work because of the show. I don’t think it would be a good move to leave. Unless she has better things lined up there’s only so long you can milk the cheating thing,” someone else said.

“If VPR lasts beyond season 12, then, yes, I would not be surprised if Ariana decided to leave. I feel like a guest host spot on some morning show is definitely in her future and who knows where that can lead. That said, VPR must be easy money for her by this point (easy meaning she knows how everything operates and what’s expected of her). Even if she stayed on as a friend-of, her scene rate would be pretty high. Personally, I’d be loath to totally give up that money,” a third Redditor weighed in.

“I hope so! I want more for her than VPR! Also, I don’t think she and Sandoval can exist on the show long term. Let him stay and be trashy and she can go have a fancy life,” read a fourth comment.

Ariana Madix Has a Lot of Plates Spinning

In addition to “Vanderpump Rules,” Madix has received plenty of other opportunities, thanks to Scandoval — the scandal in which her longtime boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, had an affair with her friend and VPR co-star, Raquel Leviss.

If Madix chooses to leave “Vanderpump Rules,” it seems as though she has enough to keep her busy — and earn her money.

Madix competed on season 32 of “Dancing With the Stars,” finishing the competition in third place. She also landed a role as Roxie Hart in “Chicago” on Broadway. Then there’s the aforementioned “Love Island” hosting gig, and other things that Madix is working on independently — like her sandwich shop with VPR co-star, Katie Maloney.

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