Brittany Cartwright’s Jenny Craig Commercial Roasted by ‘Pump Rules’ Fans

Brittany Cartwright

Getty Images Brittany Cartwright's new Jenny Craig ad is causing a stir.

As Jenny Craig’s newest spokesperson, former “Vanderpump Rules” star Brittany Cartwright filmed her first television commercial for the company after being on the program for nearly three months.

The reality star provided an update on her weight loss journey, and said that she has lost 22 pounds since joining Jenny Craig. The new 30-second commercial features Cartwright’s then and now. Part one was filmed at the beginning of her journey and the second part was filmed after she dropped some weight. The two versions of Cartwright talk to one another, the newer version motivating the older one.

“Oh my gosh! You look great!” Cartwright says to her new and improved self. “Thanks to you, I’ve lost 22 pounds in 11 weeks and I’m still going strong,” the March 2022 Cartwright replies.

Shortly after the commercial was released, several “Vanderpump Rules” fans took to Reddit to share their feelings on Cartwright’s TV spot. The majority of Redditors thought that the commercial wasn’t good.

Here’s what you need to know:

Several Redditors Made Comments About Cartwright’s Clothes

A Reddit thread about the commercial has amassed more than 350 comments so far, with many people sounding off on Cartwright’s appearance, especially her clothes.

In addition, some people didn’t see much of a different in Cartwright’s appearance and wondered if she filmed the two different looks featured in the commercial on the same day.

“They put her in the ugliest clothes they could find in the Sears dumpster,” one person wrote.

“What is that satin top she’s wearing? They have those in the pajama section at target right now,” another Redditor added.

“Brittany on the left no makeup light ill fitting clothes Brittany on the right makeup to contour face and darker more appropriate fitting clothes. This commercial was definitely shot the same day,” someone else suggested.

“This is the best Karma for JAX! I’m sure he never in a million years imagined having a wife that would end up becoming a K-mart wearing Jenny craig spokesperson. Love to see it,” a fourth comment read.

Some Redditors Took Issue With Cartwright’s Voice & Felt as Though She Was ‘Yelling’

Several other comments on the Reddit thread involved Cartwright’s voice, and many people felt that she was yelling.

“Why is she yelling at me?” one person asked.

“This is why I think she’s a terrible influencer. She thinks acting is her being sassy for the camera while yelling and you KNOW they had to cut out a ton of her laughing after everything that came out of her mouth. I find it so obnoxious,” a second person added.

“That shoulder shimmy is so f****** cringe. She looks the same to me, just another round of Kybella in. She’s got a heavy drinker’s body,” a third Redditor wrote.

“Her voice is so f****** brutal. This commercial has motivated me to eat more,” a fourth comment read.

Comments on Cartwright’s Instagram post were far more positive, and many people have noticed that she looks slimmer in some of the photos that she has shared on the social media platform. Many people just didn’t care for the commercial.

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