Craig Conover’s Net Worth Evolution

Craig Conover

Bravo Craig Conover.

What’s wrong with his sewing?

Bravo fans can look forward to a good summer this year, because “Southern Charm” is back for its eighth season on June 23! Much of the cast, including star Craig Conover, will be returning for yet another season of drama in Charleston, South Carolina.

Since his first season on “Southern Charm,” viewers have seen Conover evolve from an aspiring lawyer to owning his own pillow-making business. In May 2021, Conover opened up his first brick-and-mortar store called Sewing Down South, where he sells his embroidered pillows along with other merchandise, including candles and hats. So, since he started the business, just how much money has he made?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Conover has an estimated net worth of $400,000. However, it’s unclear just how much of that money comes from his pillow business, but since the company’s launch in 2018, he has scored deals with HSN and furniture retailer Wayfair. He also sells them online, through Sewing Down South’s website. And, during a 2019 interview with Entertainment Tonight, his friend Cameran Eubanks said that Conover is making more money selling pillows than he would have as an attorney.

According to a 2019 report by Forbes, the average salary for an attorney practicing in South Carolina is $105,320

Viewers can catch the season 8 premiere of “Southern Charm” on Thursday, June 23 at 9 p.m. Eastern time on Bravo.

Conover Said That He Found His ‘Happy Place’ in His Pillow Business

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight in November 2019, alongside former costar Cameran Eubanks, Conover admitted that he really felt like he had found his “happy place” in working on Sewing Down South.

“I did an event the other day and it said, ‘Craig From Sewing Down South’ instead of ‘Craig From Southern Charm,’ and I was, like, really proud!” Conover told the outlet at the time. “I was like, I think I’ve really made something. Everyone has been super supportive.”

Eubanks agreed, explaining that she thinks Conover makes more in his pillow business than he would be as an attorney.

“I asked Craig yesterday, I said, ‘How many pillows have you sold?'” Eubanks said. “He told me the number, I got out my calculator, I started doing some math, and I found out how much money he’s actually made and I wanted to vomit. And I take back everything I said — he’s making way more money than an attorney. Way more!”

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