‘Below Deck’ Star Shares Opinion on New Chief Stew Natasha Webb

Natasha Webb

Bravo Natasha Webb

It’s not all smooth sailing ahead.

During a recent interview, “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” star and Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher weighed in on the new season of “Below Deck Mediterranean,” and what she thinks of Natasha Webb. Webb is the new Chief Stew on board the “Home” superyacht this season.

“It’s hard to watch, to be honest, and I feel sorry for her for sure,” Kelliher said about Webb while speaking to Showbiz CheatSheet on Oct. 3. “Like, oh, God, I’m so lucky that it wasn’t me. If you just missed the mark, they’re just going to go after you.”

Kelliher also added about the “Below Deck” audience, “They really want to see a chief stew who is good with their team and who hates the guests. So I feel bad for [Webb], it’s not easy to watch. Because [after Kate Chastain and Hannah Ferrier] there has been no chief stew with the kind of staying power except for me and Aesha [Scott from Below Deck Down Under]. So Natasha is getting a bad run.”

So far this season, Webb has been caught in her fair share of drama, as she revealed in the first few episodes that she had a relationship with Chef David White on their previous boat–however, it didn’t seem to work out while on this boat, which caused a massive fallout between them. Webb has also been struggling with some of her interior crew, like second stew Natalya Scudder.

Viewers can catch brand new episodes of “Below Deck Mediterranean” every Monday night at 9 p.m. Eastern time on Bravo.

Webb Opened up About Her Boatmance With White in an August 2022 Interview

While speaking to E! News in August 2022, Webb spoke more about her previous “boatmance” with Dave White, and what really went wrong behind the scenes. When they first began filming the season, Webb tried to keep her relationship with White a secret, but it ended up getting out to the rest of the crew.

“Unfortunately, as you see, I didn’t want everyone to judge us on the situation,” Webb explained. “Because I didn’t want everyone to know, everything was done through text message, which is what the viewers don’t get to see. Dave’s more open and speaks about it, so you get to see his side a little more, which is where judgment can come in from people.”

Webb continued, telling the outlet, “It’s just because of the way things came about on my last boat. I just thought it was a messy situation that a lot of people can judge people. We all make mistakes in life, and unfortunately, that was just one of those things that I had to get through.”

Captain Sandy Said That She Wanted ‘Big Personalities’ on Board

During a July 2022 interview with Decider, “Below Deck Mediterranean” Captain Sandy Yawn admitted that she did want to have “big personalities” on her boat. Yawn explained that there shouldn’t just be one crew member who”dominates.”

“For me, you want big personalities, though they have to learn to make room for each other,” Yawn told the outlet at the time. “No one person should dominate. Let’s see how well that turns out.”

Yawn also spoke about having new members on the boat crew this season, including Webb. “When I am in charge of a new boat, everybody has my trust even if they are new to their jobs,” Yawn said. “I want them to feel that their captain is confident in their ability to do their work. I would want that myself from an owner or a manager. I trust them until they show me that they’re untrustworthy. Then they have to earn my trust back. Honestly, I was just thrilled we had a mixologist on board and multiple people who had chief stew experience.”

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