Former ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Put on ‘Bed Rest’

Former "Vanderpump Rules" cast

Getty Images A former VPR star underwent surgery.

A former “Vanderpump Rules” star said that he was put on “bed rest” following surgery.

On November 7, 2022, Jax Taylor revealed that he underwent surgery and that he was at a friend’s house resting.

“On bed rest @williamratner and @elainekratner houses after my surgery,” he captioned a picture of a laptop sitting on some white bed sheets. He ended up doing an Instagram Live after getting home from his appointment and told fans that he was on pain medication after having dental surgery, which was making him tired.

Taylor has been fairly open about the dental work he’s been having done as the process has taken a couple of months.

Here’s what you need to know:

Taylor Said the Surgery Was ‘Worth it’ if People Have ‘Extra Money’

During his Instagram Live, Taylor did a sort of Q&A about his surgery, which then turned into a Q&A about his life in general. However, some people really did want to know about veneers, so Taylor gave them a bit of advice.

He told one fan that it was totally “worth it” if they had some “extra money” to have the surgery. He also explained that he previously had temporary veneers, which is typical for this type of procedure. Taylor explained that the temporary veneers made it hard for him to eat.

Taylor also revealed that he had five cavities and a crown, all of which have been taken care of thanks to the surgery.

Although Taylor hasn’t shared any sort of before and after photos of his smile just yet, he did show fans his new teeth during his Live. He also brought his wife Brittany Cartwright on the live with him, though she was in Kentucky with the couple’s 1-year-old son. Cartwright encouraged her husband to “get some rest” and said that she was happy for him now that his veneers are done.

Taylor Previously Revealed That He Was Getting His Teeth ‘Fixed’

In July 2022, Taylor did an Instagram Live following a dentist appointment. He told his fans that he needed a root canal and decided to do a Q&A on Live from the parking lot of his dentist’s office.

During the Live, one fan told Taylor that his teeth looked “like crap” and suggested that he “get Invisalign.”

“Well, aren’t you just a ray of sunshine, lady. You must be perfect. It must be nice. But, I appreciate it. Yes, I know my bottom teeth are messed up. I tried Invisalign. I don’t like it. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it. But thank you so much for being so kind,” Taylor said in response.

Later on in the Live, someone else told Taylor that he was handsome and apologized for the “idiots” on the internet.

“It’s teeth. Nobody’s perfect. I guess there is a lot of perfect people out there. People who critique people, I guess. Must be nice to be perfect, but I am far from perfect, especially my teeth. I definitely need to get them fixed, but I can’t wait. Gettin’ them fixed,” the former reality star responded.

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