Bravo Star Makes Disturbing Claim About Kristen Doute & Zack Wickham

"The Valley" cast.

Getty Images Janet Caperna talks about Kristen Doute and Zack Wickham.

Bravo newcomer Janet Caperna has made a disturbing claim about Kristen Doute and Zack Wickham. All three reality stars are on the new series “The Valley” and have been somewhat at odds during season 1. The friction seemed to start when Doute accused Caperna of speaking negatively about their co-star, Michelle Lally.

Now, Caperna, who was pregnant on season 1, is speaking out about her friendship — or lack thereof — with Doute and Wickham.

“I really wanted to be surrounded by people that are being kind — not just to me but to each other,” Caperna said on the May 14 episode of the “Gabbing With Gib” podcast. From there, Caperna went on to discuss her pregnancy and suggested that both Doute and Wickham didn’t want the best for her or her child.

“Kristen wasn’t [like] that this summer, unfortunately,” she explained of her relationship with Doute.

“I was just being authentic to what I would have done either way. I didn’t think about the audience and cameras. I wanted to be my true self and surround myself with people that wanted to see my pregnancy go to full term and see me become a mom and have a healthy child. Now I’m pretty certain that that is not what Kristen and Zach wanted,” she said.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kristen Doute Responded to Janet Caperna’s Claims

Doute took to social media to respond to Caperna’s claims.

“I had a [expletive] pregnancy loss, I would never in a million years say something like that. Wait for me to post the texts where I asked her about her pregnancy – including when she txt me the baby’s first heartbeat and oh, yeah, I was at her gender reveal. This is revolting,” she commented on a video clip from the podcast episode (via Instagram).

Caperna fired right back, doubling down on her claims.

“@kristendoute it absolutely is revolting that your BFF Zack said out loud that he was hoping I would miscarry and commit suicide this summer. All of our friends and cast mates were aware of what he said and reached out expressing how disgusted they were by Zack’s death wish upon my unborn child, except for you. Glad to hear now that you find his comments as revolting as everyone else does,” she wrote.

After filming for season 1 of “The Valley” wrapped, Caperna and her husband Jason Caperna became first time parents.

“And then there were three,” Janet Caperna captioned an Instagram post on December 23.

Taking a look at who popped up in the comments section of the post, Doute’s name appears to be missing. There were comments from Brittany Cartwright and Michelle Lally, both of whom star on “The Valley.”

Kristen Doute Is Hoping ‘The Valley’ Gets Picked Up for Season 2

Though it seems that Doute and Janet Caperna are still at odds, Doute is hoping that “The Valley” gets renewed for a second season.

“You don’t go into a Season 1 hoping that it doesn’t work out,” she told the New York Post. “We definitely hope there is a Season 2. I do feel like there’s a lot of things still sort of left unsaid. I can’t get into it too much. But you’ll know by the finale. There are still some stones left unturned. I would absolutely love to do a Season 2 with this cast,” she added.

Interestingly, however, on the “Gabbing With Gib” podcast, Janet Caperna hinted that she and Doute would have a hard time working together in the future.

“Audience members don’t like when people won’t film with each other. All I can say is that it wasn’t about Kristen. It wasn’t about me icing her out or making her feel a certain way. I had to protect myself and my space there,” Janet Caperna explained.

“If Kristen would have been a friend to me this summer and would have been supportive of my pregnancy and checking in on me and being a little more delicate with me. It’s not that I am hiding behind my pregnancy. Pregnancy is hard. I wanted people around me that instead of saying, ‘Oh, you are using your pregnancy to be conniving or a mean girl.’ I wanted supportive people in my life,” she added.

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