Lala Kent Reveals if Anything Beyond Flirting Happened Between Her & Jax Taylor

Lala Kent in July 2022.

Getty Lala Kent in July 2022.

“Vanderpump Rules” star Lala Kent addressed rumors surrounding her relationship with her former co-star Jax Taylor, who exited the series following season 8. While recording the January 17 “Give Them Lala” podcast episode, Kent replied to a fan who inquired if she “ever sle[pt] with Jax.” She asserted that she “did not,” but acknowledged that they had a brief flirtation while shooting “Vanderpump Rules” season 4 before his now-wife Brittany Cartwright became a cast member. 

“I think season 4, like, before Brittany had come into ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ there was, like, flirting going on. But nothing ever happened, like, not even a kiss. Like, nothing at all happened ever,” said the reality television personality. 

She then shared that she was aware some fans believed she had a sexual relationship with Taylor during the production of season 4. 

“There was a scene in season 4 at the very beginning where I went to have drinks with Jax, Scheana [Shay], and Kristen [Doute] and I had my hand on Jax’s leg. And everyone was like, ‘she’s doing something naughty’ and I wasn’t,” shared Kent. 

Lala Kent Stated That Jax Taylor Would Never ‘Have a Chance’ with Her in 2015

In a December 2015 “Watch What Happens Live” episode, Kent stated that she never “hooked up” with Taylor. She asserted she was not interested in the former Bravo star as she was aware of his “little secret.” 

“I know your secret Jax, you would never, ever, ever in your life have a chance with me and if anyone else knew about your little secret, they won’t either,” said Kent. 

Taylor responded to Kent’s comment during a January 2016 “Watch What Happens Live” episode. The Michigan native shared he believed the “Love Yourself” singer was “hitting below the belt” and “just reaching for something that is not there.” 

“I think she is disappointed that I kind of didn’t follow up with ‘hooking up’ with her and so she was just reaching,” said Taylor. 

Lala Kent Spoke About Her Relationship With Jax Taylor in July 2022 

Kent is currently close friends with Cartwright. However, in a July 2022 Us Weekly interview, the mother of one suggested that she is not a fan of Taylor. 

“I’m cordial with him because Brittany [Cartwright] is one of my best friends. It would be the same type of situation if Katie [Maloney] and Tom [Schwartz] were still married. I would have to maneuver those waters in the same way I have to maneuver them with Jax and Brittany,” said Kent. 

Lala Kent Spoke About ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 10 

“Vanderpump Rules” season 10 is set to premiere on February 8, 2023. Kent gave some insight about the upcoming season in the January 11 episode of “Give Them Lala.” She revealed that she was going through a difficult time during the production of season 10 because she had broken up with her ex-fiance, Randall Emmett, in October 2021.  

“I feel like season 10 really saved my soul because I was just coming out of my relationship and ‘Vanderpump Rules’ got me out of the house, and somewhere to be, and to focus on my friendships and hear what they’ve been going through, and it took me out of the s***,” shared the mother of one. 

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