Paige DeSorbo Criticized for Her Comments About Craig Conover

Craig Conover

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Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover have been trying to navigate their long-distance relationship and figure out their next step as a couple but they haven’t always been on the same page, as “Summer House” viewers have seen in the currently airing season 7.

In the May 15 episode of the show, titled “(Don’t) Let Them Eat Cake,” viewers saw Conover get frustrated and emotional over his relationship with DeSorbo as she shared with her good friends that she was “annoyed” by him.

After a night of drinking, Conover realized that he’d forgotten his mother’s birthday and cried, then got frustrated at DeSorbo’s reaction. The next morning, he asked her if she would join him in the shower, but she instead spent the time in bed with Ciara Miller and Mya Allen. “He’s such a baby,” she told them. “I’m just annoyed. Craig always acts so dramatic and then it’s my fault. I’m like, ‘I don’t even know what’s going on.’ He gets mad because I’m not sensitive.”

The trio then laughed about the fact that Conover was probably crying in the shower while waiting for him. After the episode aired, DeSorbo received a lot of criticism from fans who accused her of minimizing Conover’s feelings and laughing at his emotions.

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Many ‘Summer House’ Fans Criticized Paige DeSorbo & Said She Was Belittling Her Boyfriend

Many people took to social media to comment on DeSorbo’s reaction to Conover’s emotional night on “Summer House” and said it wasn’t a good look for the Bravo star. “Paige ridiculing Craig’s emotions … is exactly why men get trained to never show emotion and just let it build up into outbursts, become incapable of acknowledging emotions in their partner, or perpetuate some version of toxic masculinity,” someone commented on Reddit.

Others pointed out that earlier in the season, DeSorbo had gotten emotional over the thought of moving away from her mother to live in Charleston with Conover. “I’m confused that Paige ‘can’t’ move away from her mom, but makes fun of Craig being ashamed of forgetting his mom’s bday,” someone said. Another added, “This made me cringe so hard. I don’t like Craig at all, and obviously alcohol is playing a part, but the way she handled it was cruel. It doesn’t seem like she even likes him.”

Someone else said that “mocking” a partner was “belittling” and it showed a lack of respect. “Ok yes Craig is a drama queen,” they wrote, “but that is who he is, no surprise after a decade of his antics on bravo. If you’re his partner, that’s something you need to accept.” Someone else called her making fun of him to Miller and Allen “disturbing… mean and demeaning.” Someone else said, “I can’t believe she called him a p**** for crying. It’s okay for men to cry, Paige.”

However, not everyone found fault with DeSorbo’s actions and a few people defended the fashion influencer. Someone told fans to give the Bravo star grace and said it was normal for people to sometimes do the wrong thing. Another person wrote that they used to be married to someone that got very emotional when they were drinking and that it was exhausting to always have sympathy for “drunk emotions.”

One person wrote, “It’s beyond annoying to have to drop everything to ‘support’ your boyfriend who is just acting a certain type of way because he is under the influence of something.” Another agreed that they wouldn’t “coddle” their boyfriend who was “blacked out.”

The Episode Saw Craig Conover Get Emotional & Confess to Kyle Cooke That He Sometimes Felt Really Alone

During the episode, Conover confided in DeSorbo that he got confused about his mother’s birthday and missed it as he appeared to be holding in tears.

As DeSorbo pushed him to open up while lying in bed with her girl friends, Conover said, “Everyone in the world can see that something is wrong except the one person that I wanna see.” He then went into the bathroom and DeSorbo followed him in there. While off-camera, viewers heard the “Southern Charm” star telling his girlfriend, “Every time I get sad about something or I have a feeling, your response is, ‘Stop being a f****** p****.'”

Afterward, Conover confided emotionally in Kyle Cooke that he didn’t feel like he had a “solid rock” in his life and confessed, “Sometimes I just feel really alone.”

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