Paige DeSorbo Reveals That Craig Conover Gave Her ‘the Ick’

Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover

Getty Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover

Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover began seeing each other romantically just before the summer of 2021 and fans saw it play out on “Summer House” season 6 but they didn’t become an exclusive couple until the fall of 2021. The two Bravo stars have been dating since then, but DeSorbo recently shared that she got an ick from Conover earlier in their relationship.

DeSorbo appeared as a guest on Conover’s podcast with his “Southern Charm” co-star Austen Kroll, “Pillows and Beer,” and the trio began discussing icks, things that a romantic partner does that cause a feeling of disgust and often signals the end of the relationship.

“I had an ick from Craig,” DeSorbo spilled. “When Craig first busted out flip flops I was like ‘ugh,'” she said as Kroll laughed. “And now I’ve just like… that’s one of those icks that has turned into just an annoyance that I live with.” Kroll admitted that “Craig wearing flip flops with pants is an ick for me as well.”

Conover said he no longer does that and then countered that in his opinion, a “real ick” is something that a person can’t get over and the feeling just grows and grows.

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Paige DeSorbo & Austen Kroll Discussed What They Thought Craig Conover’s Ick Was

While speaking with DeSorbo and his podcast co-host Kroll, Conover said, “A real ick is something that would keep you from dating someone.” However, he said he couldn’t think of a specific ick that he’d gotten in the past.

DeSorbo and Kroll expressed their surprise because they said Conover is a person that seems to get bothered by very small, strange things about certain people. Kroll revealed to listeners, “I’ll mention some guy’s name and Craig’s like ‘yeah, I don’t like him.’ I’m like ‘why?’ He’s like, ‘ugh he wears that v-cut shirt and I just hate it,'” he laughed.

Meanwhile, Kroll shared that one ick he has is when a girl he’s been seeing for just a couple of dates acts like she’s his girlfriend and like they’ve been dating a long time. The “Southern Charm” star is currently single and recently returned from a trip to Australia with co-star Shep Rose.

Paige DeSorbo & Craig Conover Have Been Dating for Over a Year But DeSorbo Said He Never Asked Her to Be His Girlfriend

DeSorbo and Conover were dating casually in the summer of 2021 and became an exclusive couple in the fall of 2021, but while discussing their relationship on “Pillows and Beer,” Conover revealed that he never actually asked DeSorbo to be his girlfriend.

DeSorbo told listeners that she imagined it must be very difficult for guys to ask a woman to be their girlfriend. “That must be so nerve-wracking,” she said. “What do you say when you’re like, ‘Hey, will you be my girlfriend?'” Conover replied that he didn’t know because he’s “never done it.”

DeSorbo was shocked to hear it and then looked back at their relationship and realized that he never did ask her. She laughed that she was “pissed” and got “hoodwinked.” Conover replied, “I told you you were my girlfriend. Once you hang out long enough, you just know.”

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