PHOTOS: Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen’s Babies Together

Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen

Getty Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen pose together in 2018.

On December 31, 2021, Anderson Cooper and Bravo producer Andy Cohen will host “New Year’s Eve Live” on CNN. Cooper and Cohen have been close friends for a few decades.

During a joint interview on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” in 2017, the television personalities shared how they met. Cooper revealed that they had been “set up on a blind date” when he “was a young reporter at ABC” and Cohen “was at CBS.” The CNN anchor explained that he decided to not romantically pursue the “Watch What Happens Live” host after he immediately inquired about his mother, Gloria Laura Vanderbilt. 

Both Cooper and Cohen are fathers to young children. In April 2020, Anderson Cooper shared on CNN that his son Wyatt Morgan Cooper, who he shares with his ex-partner Benjamin Maisani, was born.

“As a gay kid, I never thought it would be possible for me to have a child and I am so grateful for everyone who paved the way – the doctors, the nurses and everyone involved in my son’s birth. Most of all I am grateful to a remarkable surrogate who carried Wyatt, watched over him lovingly, tenderly, and gave birth to him,” shared Cooper. 

Cohen welcomed his son, Benjamin Allen Cohen, in February 2019.

Wyatt and Benjamin have interacted with each other. One moment occurred during a June 2020 episode of “Watch What Happens Live.”

Wyatt & Benjamin Met During a Virtual Appearance of ‘Watch What Happens Live’

Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen

YouTubeAnderson Cooper & Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live”

In June 2020, Cooper and his son were virtual guests on “Watch What Happens Live.” During the episode, Cohen was also joined by Benjamin.

“Anderson is with Wyatt and I thought it would be fun if they met right now. Look that’s going to be your good buddy, Wyatt,” said Cohen to his son.

Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen

YouTubeAnderson Cooper & Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live.”

Cohen and Cooper also often spend time with each other’s children. For instance, on September 22, 2021, Cohen shared an Instagram post that showed him with Cooper and Wyatt.

“Wyatt Cooper chuckles as his daddy zings me backstage at the 92 St Y. Hear my full interview with Anderson coming up in Oct on @radioandysxm,” read the caption of the post.

In December 2019, Cooper also shared an Instagram video where Benjamin pulled off his glasses.

Andy Cohen Gives Anderson Cooper’s Son Hand-Me-Downs

In a June 2020 interview on “Live with Kelly & Ryan,” Cohen shared that “Wyatt Cooper has all of [Benjamin’s] hand-me-downs.”

“I have a private Instagram where I post endless photos of Ben and Anderson will DM me and say, ‘I love those pajamas, they’re really great.’ I’m like, ‘They’re headed your way, dude, they’re getting a little tight on him,'” stated the Bravo producer. 

During an April 2021 “Live with Kelly & Ryan” appearance, Cooper revealed that Benjamin’s wardrobe was not necessarily Wyatt’s style. 

“He gets Ben-me-downs as Andy calls them. A lot of the clothes that Andy gets has a lot of razzmatazz in them. There’s a lot of tie-dye Grateful Dead stuff, which I don’t know if that’s Wyatt’s vibe at this point,” explained the 54-year-old. 

While speaking to Jimmy Kimmel on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in April 2021, Cooper shared Cohen “comes over with his son Benjamin every weekend.” He then revealed that Cohen’s son accidentally ruined one of Wyatt’s toys during a play date.

“Somebody gave my son a bear that talked or clapped and my son hadn’t even played with it and all of the sudden there’s this smell and some smoke and we realize that Andy’s son has taken my son’s bear, put it in the microwave and turned it on,” stated Cooper.

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