Fans Slam Randall Emmett After Rumors Surface That He Has Been Cheating on Lala Kent

Getty Images Rumors that Randall Emmett is cheating on Lala Kent have surfaced.

Randall Emmett is being slammed on Reddit after photos surfaced that appear to show him with two females during a night out in Nashville.

The Instagram account “GirlGangz7733” was sent a couple of snaps of a male wearing all black, walking across a street alongside two females. The photos were shared to the GirlGangz Instagram Stories, and the anonymous source wrote in, “saw Randall last night with two girls in Nashville that [were] not Lala. He tried to hide when we recognized him.”

The photos were taken from fairly far away, and it’s not abundantly clear that it’s Randall in the pictures. Nevertheless, Reddit has gone in on him, with many accusing him of being a serial cheater.

When Randall and Lala first got together, many people thought that the timeline seemed fishy, as it seemed as though Randall was still very much married to his now ex-wife, Ambyr Childers. While plenty of people have called Lala a homewrecker or even a mistress, she has maintained that Randall and Ambyr were separated when she and Randall started hooking up, and even explained such in her book, “Give Them Lala,” according to Us Weekly.

Here’s what you need to know:

Many Fans Believe That Randall Is (& Has Been) Cheating on Lala

Although the aforementioned photos that are supposedly of Randall don’t show him holding hands with another woman — or even getting really close to one — some fans seem convinced that he’s been stepping out on Lala — and they expressed such on a Reddit thread about the photos.

“Listen, I understand it’s horrible for anyone to experience a cheating partner but Lala knows what she got involved with. There have several [rumors] of him having a new mistress recently. With most blind items I don’t believe them but with this I do believe it. It could be a friend, a member of his staff etc but I 100% believe he is cheating on Lala (even if it’s not with one of these women),” wrote one Redditor.

“If he’ll cheat with you, he’ll cheat on you,” added another.

“God he’s so gross. He probably checked out from Lala the second she got pregnant,” wrote a third.

“Not even considering partners-how can you do this to your children? I don’t get it,” a fourth Redditor wrote.

Neither Randall nor Lala Have Commented on the Rumors

Both Randall and Lala have been active on social media over the past 24 hours, but neither of them have addressed the rumors that Randall was out and about in Nashville, hanging out with other women.

Several people are convinced that the photos are of Randall and suggest that he’s not being faithful to his fiancee, whom he shares daughter, Ocean, with.

“Can someone send this to Lala” a Redditor wrote on the thread.

“I wonder if she sees these rumors and if she is in denial or not,” another commented.

Meanwhile, other Redditors aren’t quite sure that it’s Randall in the pics.

“Hahah right?! I get that everyone loves to hate on Lauren & Rand, but this is literally a blurry AF photo of the back of a random dude with some people,” one Redditor pointed out.

“Before I read the caption or saw which sub this was, I thought it was Jonah Hill. These photos aren’t exactly damning,” added another.

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