‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans Question Raquel Leviss’ Nose Job Story

Raquel Leviss

Getty Raquel Leviss of Vanderpump Rules.

Lisa Vanderpump  took Raquel Leviss under her wing on the Nov. 9 episode of “Vanderpump Rules.”

After the SURver revealed that she was unhappy with the results of her previous nose job, Vanderpump stepped in to set her up with a celebrity surgeon.

Raquel previously revealed she felt “insecure” about her nose after a $16,000 surgery “didn’t turn out the way I exactly wanted it to.” According to BravoTV.com, the former pageant queen noted that the bridge of her nose “goes a little bit to the right and the tip goes a little bit to the left.” But she didn’t totally blame the surgeon. Instead, she admitted to LVP that her fiancé James Kennedy accidentally “bumped” her nose shortly after the surgery.

“I didn’t want to tell anybody but James bumped my nose one week after I got the cast off,” Raquel admitted to a confused —  and concerned — Vanderpump.

“What do you mean he bumped your nose,” Vanderpump asked, before adding, “Did anyone hit you?”

Raquel told her boss that the incident happened in front of James’ family and that he freaked out when his mom said her nose was now crooked and touching her cheek.

Vanderpump then agreed to take Raquel to a plastic surgeon friend to evaluate the problem, but on social media, fans had a problem with parts of Raquel’s story.

Former RHOBH Husband, Dr. Paul Nassif, Did a Consult for Raquel

Vanderpump took Raquel to see Dr, Paul Nassif, who appeared alongside his then-wife Adrienne Maloof on the early seasons of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

After looking at Raquel’s nose, Nassif determined he didn’t think that a kiss from James caused her issue and that it was most likely the result of the original surgery,  according to The Daily Mail.

Dr. Nassif revealed that Raquel need to have her deviated septum repaired, but that further work on her nose could cause her nostrils to collapse in and hamper her breathing. He also noted that he would have to make an incision under her breast to remove cartilage to use to realign her nose. The price tag for the second surgery was $30,000.

James did not appear supportive of the idea when he heard that Raquel would have to get stitches under her breast, but he was happy to hear that the doctor cleared him from being responsible for Raquel’s crooked nose.

Fans Reacted to Raquel’s Story & James Kennedy’s Comments About Her Nose

James Kennedy Raquel Leviss

GettyJames Kennedy and Raquel Leviss of “Vanderpump Rules.”

“Vanderpump Rules” fans reacted to Raquel’s nose job story, as well as comments that James made about her nose. The DJ didn’t want the story about him bumping her nose out there, and at one point he complained that he’s stressed because he’s the one who has to “stare” at Raquel’s nose.

On social media, some fans also questioned whet Raquel initially didn’t want to tell anyone that James bumped her nose.

“Raquel is covering up for James. James bumping her nose shouldn’t cause this much concern. #vanderpumprules,” one viewer tweeted.

“Why is anyone even pretending to buy this nose bumping kiss story Raquel and James are peddling? Please get that girl some help. That r’ship is scary. #PumpRules,” another added.

“I don’t like this whole Raquel – James bumped my nose storyline. Now she says Jameswhole family was there? #PumpRules,” another viewer wrote.

In a Reddit thread, a viewer wrote, “Everything [James] said to Raquel about her nose was disgusting. It’s not okay to control your partners physical appearance – it’s abusive. And it’s so f***ng weird to me that he told her not to tell her doctors that he bumped her nose?”

“‘I am legit sad for Raquel after this episode now more than ever,” another fan wrote on Twitter. “ Girl, you are worth more. That Tiffany Co ring isn’t worth the disrespect. James is abusive af. It is not editing if it is year after year. Where is your family to stage an intervention?”

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