Scheana Shay and Lala Kent’s Podcast Drama Explained

Lala Kent and Scheana Shay

Getty Lala Kent (L) and Scheana Shay attend ChefDance 2019 - Day 2 sponsored by Shiseido on January 26, 2019 in Park City, Utah.

It’s all happening… “Vanderpump Rules” is back for another season! However, right off the bat, things between the cast members don’t seem to be all that peachy keen.

During the season 9 premiere, Lala Kent reveals that she is not currently speaking to costar and former friend, Scheana Shay. Kent explains that it’s due to some comments that Shay made about her on an episode of her podcast, Scheananigans With Scheana Shay, last year, which caused a huge blowout between the two. So, what happened, and what did Shay say?

During a September 25, 2020 episode of her podcast, Shay put Kent on blast, claiming that Kent wasn’t there for her during her miscarriage last June. “I think that it states pretty clear where our friendship stands,” Shay explained at the time. “Over the last few months, we haven’t really talked honestly.”

Shay continued, explaining that she had called Kent, and although Kent could hear the “terror and panic” in her voice, she didn’t come over, and instead, had dinner with celebrities Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. At the time, both of them happened to be in Palm Springs but were on separate trips.

“I needed her and she wasn’t there because she had dinner with celebrities, let’s be real…” Shay said. “It just showed her priorities. Here’s the thing, I don’t care who it was for dinner, she could have explained to them, ‘One of my close friends is going through something really, really bad. I’m going to stop by and check on her for five minutes. I’ll be late to dinner. I’ll met you there.'”

Viewers can catch the season premiere of “Vanderpump Rules” on Tuesday, September 28, at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on Bravo.

Kent Slammed Shay in an Instagram Story After the Podcast Was Released

After Shay blasted Kent on her podcast, Kent clapped back in a series of Instagram stories, which was captured by People at the time.

“Anybody wondering my thoughts on @scheana ‘dragging’ me,” Kent wrote at the time. “1. I’m not trippin’ too hard. In her mind that’s how it happened. She would rather focus on me ‘not being there for her’ than the fact her man said he was working, turned his phone off and went golfing that day. Weird how that was just glazed over. This is why her relationships are always a trainwreck that make epic TV. She makes reality TV gold.”

Kent continued, writing, “2. She claims I chose celebrity over her. Girl, weren’t you just capitalizing off banging John Mayer 100 years ago? 3. She has a way of making everything about her. I’ve accepted that about her and found the endearing parts of it. 4. She has an idea of how everyone should react in certain situations. We usually always fail and she is left disappointed. This is why she has a new best friend every day. We can’t keep up.”

Kent and Shay Are on the Path to Mending Their Friendship

Even though Shay and Kent went through some serious drama and public bashing of each other this past year, it seems like they might be on the path to healing their relationship. Over the past few months, the two have hung out together with their babies, who are close in age.

“When you go through childbirth and all that labor, it really does change you,” Shay told Page Six on September 28, 2021. “And it makes all of the petty, podcasts, Instagram Live bulls***, he-said-she-said stuff, just go out the window.”

Shay continued, explaining that she and Kent are working towards having a better relationship, as well as with former costar Stassi Schroeder. “Like, that’s not important,” Shay said. “It’s important having a support system and being able, for all of us, to get past all that other stuff and be friends again and support each other.”

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