Fans Think Ariana Madix Should Dump ‘Narcissist’ Tom Sandoval

Getty Images Fans are not happy with Tom Sandoval.

Vanderpump Rules” fans are not happy with Tom Sandoval, and their dislike has really hit a fever pitch this season. While it seems as though Jax Taylor previously took the cake for most despised cast member on the show, his absence has left a void that evidently needed to be filled — and Sandoval has filled it.

As the current season of the show follows Sandoval and his business partner (and best friend) Tom Schwartz on their journey to opening a bar without the financial help of Lisa Vanderpump, fans are seeing more of Sandoval than they’d like — and the response hasn’t been great.

It seems as though Sandoval is slammed after each and every episode that airs. Not only have fans expressed sheer exhaustion from his “better than thou” attitude, but many have also voiced their opinions on his business sense — or lack there of. This week, fans have taken to Reddit for more of the same, many calling Sandoval a “narcissist” on a thread titled, “Tom Sandoval is obtuse.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Fans Think That Sandoval Exhibits an Inflated Sense of Self-Importance

While it may be true that Sandoval enjoys being the center of attention — and will do just about anything to make sure that all eyes are on him — fans think that his desire to be noticed goes far beyond that. In fact, several Redditors have called Sandoval “narcissistic.”

“I actually find him MORE narcissistic than most of them. It’s SHOCKING how special he thinks he is. Watching him read the poorly written, overzealous, meaningless ‘mission statement’ out like it was going to blow everyone’s mind was heinous,” one Redditor commented on a thread about Sandoval.

“When Katie said in Palm Springs only Sandoval would create a game, create the point system by which the game is judged, give himself sole veto power over the point system he created, and therefore get first place in his own game. lol. Like what a narcissistic loser,” another added.

“He’s as big of a narcissist as Jax but he has even less empathy. He’s always been my least favorite of the three. James is the only guy I hate more but he also wasn’t really one of the main characters so he’s not the first one I think of,” a third comment read.

“I knew he was a narcissist the minute it was revealed he spends longer getting ready than Kristen [Doute],” a fourth person wrote.

Some Fans Think Ariana Madix Should Dump Sandoval

There are plenty of “VPR” fans who think that Madix should end things with Sandoval — and that she could do much better. Over the past several seasons, many have watched Madix take a backseat to her boyfriend on more than one occasion. Fans have also witnessed moments when Sandoval didn’t treat Madix well — and whether or not that was just for the show remains to be seen.

“I really do like Ariana. Kristen was always painted as the crazy one, but anyone will feel crazy and probably end up a mess in a relationship with a narcissist. And he definitely is,” a fan suggested.

“Ariana always seems irritated by Sandoval… He has said and done so many rude and hurtful things to her, how could she stay with him… unless it’s for the cameras?” another person commented.

“She really needs to dump him. I cannot imagine how extra he is in real life,” a third comment read.

“Binge watched all the seasons for God knows what number of times, and every time I rewatch I find more and more narcissistic things that he says and does. I’m not surprised that Ariana is depressed. I would be, too, in that relationship,” wrote another Redditor.

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Denise Byrd
Denise Byrd
1 year ago

I love Tom ….he keeps it real and calls people out when they start talking out of the side of their head. Tom made a perfect set up for James proposal. Ariana is a big girl and she has her own voice and when the relationship doesn’t work anymore she will walk away but they make a great couple.

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