Captain Lee Rosbach’s Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Captain Lee

Getty Captain Lee in 2019

If you’ve watched Below Deck on Bravo, you’ve probably grown to love Captain Lee Rosbach. Over the years, Rosbach has become a fan favorite, with his no-nonsense attitude and witty comments. Rosbach has been the Captain on Below Deck since the show’s first season.

Captain Lee Rosbach’s net worth hasn’t been officially disclosed, but according to Wealthy Genius, his estimated net worth is around $800,000. So, how did Rosbach make his money? Here’s what you need to know about Captain Lee Rosbach’s net worth:

1. Captain Lee Rosbach Makes Money From Being a Captain on ‘Below Deck’

Of course, Rosbach makes money from being on the hit show, Below Deck. Bravo has not released what his salary is for appearing on Below Deck, but according to Crew Finders, a captain working on a 160-190-foot megayacht can make anywhere from $150-$210,000 per year. The yacht used this season, My Seanna, is 185 feet, according to Mega Yacht News. Presumably, Rosbach also makes additional money from the Bravo network for his time appearing on the show.

During a 2015 interview with All About the Tea, Rosbach explained how he got involved with Below Deck. “It was purely by accident,” Rosbach explained at the time. “I was the Captain on the yacht that Bravo had chartered and I was only there to observe and look out for my owner’s interest. Due to some insurance restrictions that came up, Bravo was unable to use the Captain that they had casted in the role of Captain. As time was getting short I was approached to step in a very minimal role. Production approached my owner about how I might feel about being on TV and he, of course said, ‘Lee feels just fine about being on TV.’ Of course he didn’t want to lose the charter, so when they asked me how I felt, I also replied that I felt indeed just fine about appearing on TV. So it was just a coincidence that I ended up in that position.”

2. Captain Lee Rosbach Wrote a Book

In 2018, Rosbach published a book called Running Against the Tide: True Tales from the Stud of the Sea. Currently, a hardcover copy of the book retails for $15.90 on Amazon, while a paperback copy will cost you $11.39. In the book, Rosbach reveals a behind-the-scenes look at the world of yachting, as well as some interesting stories from his time out at sea.

“It had the excitement of working the high steel, the beauty of living in a place of infinite horizons, and eventually it had the freedom of being the boss,” Lee said about being in yachting during an audiobook recording of his novel. “Every day is different. Every minute provides new problems to solve, new dangers to navigate, new paths to chart. It’s not a life or a career that everyone would want. If it were, then it wouldn’t be for me. At the end of the day, I’m the captain of my boat and my life, and I’m exactly where I want to be.”

3. Captain Lee Rosbach Sells His Own Merchandise

Rosbach also makes money from his line of merchandise, which he sells on his website. His merchandise includes t-shirts, mugs, and even coasters. Some of his merchandise is adorned with his quotes from Below Deck, like a white mug that says, “You really screwed the pooch with that one!” which costs $14.99

In September 2019, Rosbach announced his new line on Instagram, even letting his followers know which item was his favorite. “I am excited to announce that my official collectibles launch is here!” Rosbach wrote at the time. “I can’t wait for you to see all of the items at Don’t forget to check out the Captain Lee Coasters, those are my favorite!!”

4. Captain Lee Rosbach Makes Money from Tips

At the end of every Below Deck charter, we see the Captain hand out tips from guests to his staff. According to Flying Fish Online, a yacht Captain can make thousands of dollars in tip money per year. Although viewers never see the Captain giving the tip money to themselves, Rosbach shared his policy for dividing the tip money on DockWalk, according to Showbiz CheatSheet.

“I do not think it is fair for the Captain to keep the lions share of the gratuity,” Rosbach wrote in 2014, “On any yacht I have command of, we have a policy that I inform all crew of from the date they start, concerning tips. We all share equally. Everyone gets the same amount. If a [particular] crew member is not pulling their weight and really doesn’t deserve a full share of the tip I handle it this way. I still divide the tip evenly and the crew member who really doesn’t deserve a full share gets something extra in his or her envelope along with their full share, a one way plane ticket home.”

5. Captain Lee Rosbach Is on Cameo

Rosbach is currently available for hire on Cameo, which is a website that allows users to buy short, custom-made video clips from various celebrities and media personalities. Rosbach is available to make a video on Cameo for his viewers for $100.

On Cameo, Rosbach has a 5-star rating. One user wrote, “Thank you so much, Captain Lee! That was truly the best video I could have asked for for my husband. Such a genuine message that left us smiling and with happy tears! You’re the best Captain Lee!”

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