‘Cobra Kai’ Star Mary Mouser Addresses if She Hates Peyton List

Tory and Sam fight

YouTube Sam dreams that Tory attacks her in 'Cobra Kai.'

On the acclaimed series “Cobra Kai,” Samantha LaRusso (Mary Mouser) takes an almost immediate disliking to Tory Nichols (Peyton List). Upon first meeting her at the local beach club, she is convinced that she stole her mother’s wallet. When Sam lunges to check Tory’s bag, the Cobra Kai student shoves her, causing her to crash into a dessert table. The tension between the two teenagers only worsens when Sam discovers Tory is dating her ex-boyfriend Miguel (Xolo Maridueña). During Moon’s (Hannah Kepple) house party, an inebriated Sam kisses Miguel, unaware that Tory was watching the intimate moment. In retaliation, the kickboxer violently attacks Sam at school, causing a massive fight. During the season 3 finale, the martial arts students get into another violent altercation at the LaRusso’s home. 

Due to the fact, Mouser and List convincingly play enemies, some fans may be curious how the actors feel about each other in real life.

Mary Mouser & Peyton List Commented On if They Hated Each Other

Mary Mouser

Getty Mary Mouser poses at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con.

During a September 2020 Instagram Live video, Mouser revealed that she regularly receives messages on social media asking if she “and Peyton really hate each other.” The actress stated that she wanted to clarify that she is friends with List. She did note they were not particularly close while shooting the show’s second season but “got more time to hang out off screen” during season 3.

In the Instagram Live video, List suggested that she was pleased fans genuinely believed they did not like each other.

“I guess that’s a good thing because if they only watch the show and they think we hate each other so I guess we’re doing our jobs,” explained the actress.

The actresses did note that they were nervous before meeting each other because their characters are rivals.

“I was like, ‘okay this is a karate rival, like this is what they’re all talking about.’ Tanner [Buchanan who plays Robby Keene] has one. And Ralph [Macchio who plays Daniel LaRusso] of course has one. I was like this is my karate rival. And then after meeting you I was like ‘oh my god she’s so nice,’” said Mouser.

List shared similar sentiments.

“With females it’s different when you have a rival coming in or whatever it is. It’s just nerve-wracking, and you never know… So you were so embracing and so kind. Because like coming in as the new girl I was nervous because you don’t know if a girl’s like ‘this is my show. You need to move back,’ you know,” said List.

List & Mouser Shared Similar Sentiments During a December 2020 Interview

Peyton List

GettyPeyton List poses at The Paley Center for Media in 2019.

In a joint Collider interview in December 2020, List and Mouser also commented on whether it is difficult to play rivals due to their friendship.

“I started to like Mary and it was horrible and I couldn’t act anymore and it was just a whole thing,” joked List.

Mouser went on to say that “it’s definitely easier when you don’t know somebody to just blindly hate them.” She clarified, however, that becoming closer to her co-star enhanced her experience working on “Cobra Kai.”

“Honestly getting to know Peyton more makes me take our scenes even more seriously because for one thing then it adds a layer of ‘okay I have to remember to look angry’ but also means I I feel like I have more going into it,” said the actress.

List also noted that she understood “why some actors don’t interact with people they are supposed to hate.”

To see more of Mouser and List, watch “Cobra Kai,” available to stream on Netflix.

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