What Happens to Miguel on ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 3?

Xolo Maridueña

Getty Xolo Maridueña strikes a pose at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con.

After the shocking ending of Cobra Kai Season 2, fans have been speculating over the fate of Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña). In the episode “No Mercy,” a massive fight between members of Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do broke out in the halls of West Valley High, resulting in Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan) to powerfully kick Miguel in the chest. While it was not intentional, the blow caused the All Valley Under 18 Karate Champion to fly over the guardrail. He appeared to have sustained severe injuries from the fall, and is last seen in a coma and wearing a neck brace at the hospital. 

Miguel, However, Is Likely To Survive

Xolo Mariduena

Getty Xolo Mariduena is photographed at the “Cobra Kai” Season 2 premiere screening.

That being said, viewers can expect Miguel to survive in Season 3. In a teaser clip that was released on December 23, the teenager and his mentor Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) share a moment in his hospital room. Miguel, who appears to be paralyzed from the waist down, is seen struggling to get his phone off of a hospital tray. When he suggests he would like Johnny to hand it to him, the Cobra Kai instructor pushes the tray away and tells his student to “go get it.” Miguel protests, stating that he is unable to walk, which causes Johnny to aggressively encourage him “to do whatever it takes.” He ends the speech by asserting,  “I’m always going to be right here next to you ‘cause I’ll always be your teacher.” 

Johnny May Enlist The Help Of His Ex Dr. Ali Mills Schwarber 

Elisabeth Shue

GettyElisabeth Shue strikes a pose during the “Battle of the Sexes” premiere in 2017.

It is clear that Johnny is committed to helping Miguel heal from his injuries. As reported by Screen Rant, some fans have theorized that to do so he may even end up reaching out to his former flame, Dr. Ali Mills Schwarber, who was portrayed by Elisabeth Shue in the original 1984 The Karate Kid film. 

Even though Shue is not a Cobra Kai cast member, Ali has been mentioned several times in both Season 1 and Season 2.  For instance, during Season 1, Episode 9, Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) reveals to Johnny that he found out on Facebook that Ali is a pediatric surgeon located in Denver, Colorado.

This information that Ali is a medical professional has led to quite a few fans wondering if she may end up having a hand in saving Miguel. One of the most popular theories is that Johnny will make a plea to her to assist with his student’s recovery on Facebook, despite not being in contact with her for over 35 years.  

It is worth noting that there are quite a few factors, which indicate that Ali may not be receptive to Johnny’s appeal. For one, she lives outside of California and presumably has a hectic schedule as a surgeon. In addition, the former high school sweethearts had a rather turbulent relationship. One of the last times they presumably interacted, Johnny forcefully kissed her, causing her to hit him in the face

It could be argued, however, that Ali does not harbor any resentment against him, as she seemingly did not take issue with the fact that he sent her a Facebook message in Season 2, Episode 8. In fact, instead of ignoring and chastising her ex, she engaged with him by inviting him to be her Facebook Friend. 

While this would be a wonderful way to incorporate a character as beloved as Ali, it is still unclear whether Elisabeth Shue will join the Cobra Kai cast. 

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