DWTS Champion Explains How Their Late Father Inspired Their Baby’s Nickname

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Bindi Irwin, Dancing With the Stars champion and star of Crikey! It’s the Irwins!, is expecting her first child in the coming month. She recently opened up about how she came up with the nickname for her baby.

Irwin talked to The Bump about her pregnancy, her daughter and the nickname that the family has come up with for the baby.

“I’m so excited for our daughter to grow up learning about the importance of giving back and making a difference in the world for future generations,” Irwin told the outlet. “My family started this work over 50 years ago, and I have always been grateful that they included me and my brother every step of the way.”

She added, “My dad was the first person to create the term ‘Wildlife Warrior’. Being a Wildlife Warrior means to stand up and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. We’ve been referring to our daughter as our baby Wildlife Warrior. I know in my heart that she will forge her own path to make our planet a better place through her connections with the gorgeous animals that we protect here at Australia Zoo and the conservation work we do with animal species around the globe.”

Irwin Explained How She Told Her Husband About the Pregnancy

Irwin told The Bump that when she found out she was pregnant, she couldn’t wait to tell her husband and ran to the kitchen where he was making tea.

“I just stood there for a while watching him pouring the hot water and thinking about how this news would change the course of our future in the best way,” she said. “Once I told him we were both completely speechless and crying tears of happiness… In a matter of seconds our daughter became the center of our universe.”

Irwin also shared that her mother, Terri, has chosen to be called “Bunny” instead of another word for grandmother.

Bindi Irwin Says Her Father Would be the Best Grandfather

When asked about her father by Entertainment Tonight, Bindi Irwin was emotional.

“He would’ve been a good, good grandpa,” she said. “Yeah, he really would’ve been. I don’t think we would’ve ever seen our daughter. He would’ve just whisked her away into the zoo and it would’ve been perfect. But it is so nice that we’ll be able to introduce her to her grandfather through all of the documentaries. It’s really special.”

Irwin announced her pregnancy in August 2020 and revealed in September that she and her husband were expecting a baby girl.

“He’d be over the moon,” Irwin’s mother, Terri, said. “I will say one thing for sure is you would never have to wonder what he would’ve worn during any of the milestones. He would’ve worn khaki to the wedding, khaki to everything.”

Irwin’s due date is coming up, and that means that she’s getting larger by the day. She recently talked about how her khaki uniform will no longer button over her belly and she had to improvise.

“Reason 1 million I’m thankful for my husband,” she wrote on Instagram. “Borrowing Chandler’s uniform because my khakis won’t button over my belly…”

Chandler responded in the comments, writing, “This photo makes me so happy! You and baby girl are so cute <3”

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