DWTS Judge Reveals She Has Found ‘True Love’

DWTS judges.

ABC A DWTS judge has found "true love."

A “Dancing With the Stars” judge has revealed that she has found “true love” and shared a candid post about her discovery on social media.

Carrie Ann Inaba has really been enjoying Miley’s Cyrus’ new song “Flowers,” which many people believe was written about her ex, Liam Hemsworth, according to Seventeen. The song is about a person being able to love themselves “better” than someone else — such as an ex — ever could.

The song really seemed to resonate with Inaba, who shared a post about it on her Instagram Stories.

“Can I say for all the people who have found themselves loving their singleness, and claiming their life in time for themselves… This is the song of the Holy land of finding true self love,” Inaba captioned a screenshot of the cover of Cyrus’ new single, giving it five stars by way of a gif.

Inaba went on to share how she personally relates to the tune.

Here’s what you need to know:

Carrie Ann Inaba Said She Has Found ‘True Love’ With Herself

Cyrus’ hit song is proving to be an anthem for many people, and even broke the Spotify record for the most streams in one week, according to People magazine.

The song encourages self-love, as Mashable points out, and promotes the ability to not depend on another person for one’s own happiness. This is something that Inaba says she has discovered.

“Special thanks to @doc_amen for recommending this song. But also for helping me find my true love. (She was right here all along),” Inaba wrote on her Instagram Stories.

Inaba has never been married, though she has been engaged twice, Parade reports. She was set to marry an accountant named Jesse Sloan, but the two split in 2012. A few years later, Inaba found love again with actor Robb Derringer, but they broke things off in 2017.

Carrie Ann Inaba Was Most Recently Linked to Fabien Viteri

In early 2022, Inaba ended things with her beau Fabien Viteri. In a post-split interview with The US Sun, Inaba explained that she spent time doing some “introspection” and said that she felt truly happy.

“I am happier than I have ever been. The pandemic was a good time to do introspection and work on things that weren’t so great and change parts of myself and delve deeper,” she told the outlet.

“I am really settled. I am 54, and yes, I am single. To some people, that can be triggering, and even for myself, at points, it has been,” she added.

In a candid Instagram caption that Inaba shared ahead of the new year, she encouraged her fans and followers to do some reflecting.

“Allow yourself to have hope again,” she wrote. “Taking note of where there are lacks in your life, is being honest with yourself and from that honest place, you can create a foundation for a future where those spaces can be configured more towards your own needs. And by stating what you really love, and what excites you – is a way to recommit to your soul’s true path,” she continued.

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