‘Dancing With the Stars’ Set for Multiple Big Changes Ahead of Season 32


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“Dancing With the Stars” will look very different in the upcoming season, which will air in the fall of 2023 with changes in location, hosting, and budget.

Though many fans hoped the show would return to ABC after just one season on the streaming service, that is not the case. The show is set to move forward on Disney+ for at least one more season, so that’s not something that’s going to be changing.

There are still huge changes to be made, and some will be more visible than others.

Tyra Banks Will Not Return to the Ballroom

In a March 17, 2022 interview with TMZ, Tyra Banks, 49, shared that she will not be returning to the “Dancing With the Stars” ballroom for the next season of the show.

“I feel like it’s really time for me to focus on my business and on my entrepreneurship,” Banks said. “And producing more TV, but behind the scenes. I think it’s time to graduate from the dance floor to the stock market floor. Mic drop.”

She added, “I really, really want to focus on my business, and you can’t do that hosting a show,” the supermodel explained. “So you’ll see me creating things, not just hosting. From the ballroom to the boardroom, baby!”

There are multiple options for replacing Banks if that’s the way the show chooses to proceed. Of course, it’s also possible that the show will proceed with just one host, Alfonso Ribeiro.

The Show Will be Filmed in a Different Location

According to Deadline, Television City, a large studio complex in Los Angeles, will be undergoing a renovation with a $1.25 billion budget. That means “Dancing With the Stars,” “American Idol,” and more shows will be looking for new stages to film on and are already “solidifying moving arrangements.”

According to the outlet, the number of stages at Television City will be raised from eight to 15 or more.

No information about the professional dancer lineup or the celebrity cast will be announced until much closer to the premiere date, but there are some hints about which dancers might not be returning for the upcoming season.

There are Possible Budget Cuts on the Horizon for ‘Dancing With the Stars’

On March 9, 2023, The Hollywood Reporter shared that Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed reduced budgets for film and TV.

“I’m really pleased that the support that I’m getting from the content creators of the company is significant and real, and it comes in the form of reducing the expense per content, whether it’s a TV series or a film, where costs have just skyrocketed in a huge way and not a supportable way in my opinion. They all agree to that,” Iger said, adding that it was also about “understanding how much volume we need, reducing how much we make. So it’s how much we spend on what we make and how much we make.”

He went on to share that it’s still possible to create content and sell it, however.

“But if we get to a point where we need less content for those platforms, and we still have the capability of producing that content, why not use it to grow revenue? And that’s what we would likely do,” he shared.

It’s possible that means “Dancing With the Stars” will be the victim of budget cuts.

“Dancing With the Stars” is set to return in the fall of 2023 on Disney+.

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