DWTS Pro Says She’s Not Ready to Date Following Divorce

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Heavy/Getty A DWTS pro gives an update on her love life.

Newly retired “Dancing With the Stars” pro Cheryl Burke isn’t quite ready to start dating again following her split from ex-husband Matthew Lawrence.

“I’m literally dating myself,” she told E! News at the Race To Erase MS 30th Anniversary Gala in Los Angeles on June 2. 2023. “I know that sounds so, like, cliché, ‘OK whatever.’ No, but really, I’m not looking, I’m not interested at the moment,” she continued.

Burke filed for divorce from Lawrence in February 2022 after more than two years of marriage.

“I haven’t been a great picker, but until I change that pattern—I have to really authentically change the pattern or else I’ll continue to pick maybe not the good ones for me,” Burke told E!

Here’s what you need to know:

Cheryl Burke Offered Advice to People Going Through a Breakup


In a series of Instagram videos, Burke shared some advice for anyone who may be going through a breakup. In the first video, which was uploaded on June 5, 2023, Burke gave a couple of tips for reclaiming one’s “power.”

“Cut off all communication with your ex. Unfollow. Don’t stalk him on the internet. Do not call when drunk or under the influence. And, if it helps, just block ’em. ‘Cuz it does. So do it,” Burke said. She went on to encourage people to “learn something new” and to date themselves.

“I’ve been doing that for the past, almost, two years,” she said. “And, I have to say, it’s very empowering. Don’t be in a rush,” she warned, adding, “don’t numb through another person because you want to revenge.”

In another video uploaded to Burke’s Instagram on June 7, 2023, Burke shared her take on gaslighters. Her first tip was to “recognize when gaslighting is actually happening.” Next up, she encouraged her followers to “stand firm” to their “truth.”

“I’m only speaking from experience. I’m not a professional,” she said.

Cheryl Burke Has Said She’s ‘Happily Single’

In a TikTok uploaded in January 2023, Burke sent a message out to the world to let everyone know that she’s “happily single.”

Her post came on the heels of her ex-husband going public with his new relationship. On December 31, 2022, Lawrence and Chilli took their relationship to the next level by going Instagram official.

In the time since, Lawrence and Chilli have been opening up more and more about their relationship in various interviews. As for how Burke feels, however, she seems to be supportive. In fact, after hearing the reports that Lawrence was hoping to start a family with Chilli, Burke said that she hopes that works out for him.

“He comes from a huge family,” she told Chris Harrison on the March 9, 2023, episode of “The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever.” “I really, truly hope he can have actually, you know, have a kid with Chilli. I think that’s amazing, because I think he’s wanted that, you know?” she added.

Burke seems content being on her own for the time being, telling E! News, “I’m dating my dog for god’s sake. They have no opinion, they’re great, they’re cute and they smell maybe a little bit but that’s fine.”

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