Fans Confused After Season 31 Frontrunner’s Ex Shares IG Post

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ABC Fans are so confused after reading a message from a frontrunner's ex.

A “Dancing With the Stars” frontrunner has gone through a breakup ahead of the season 31 finale, leaving fans concerned for her emotional well-being and her mental health.

After a couple of weeks of speculation, E! News confirmed that former “Bachelorette” star Gabby Windey and her fiance Erich Schwer had ended their engagement.

“She felt they weren’t aligned and weren’t on the same page,” a source told the outlet on November 4, 2022. “Gabby was hoping they could give each other space and work it out but ultimately decided they didn’t have a future,” the source continued.

On the November 14, 2022, episode of DWTS, Windey confirmed that she and Schwer had gone their separate ways. Regardless of their split, ahead of the past couple of live shows, Schwer has taken to his Instagram Stories to support Windey — and to ask fans to vote for her on DWTS.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Are Wondering if Windey & Schwer Are Trying to Work Things Out

Schwer was in the ballroom cheering Windey on for a couple of weeks but when he wasn’t fans became curious about his relationship with Windey. Couple that with the fact that she hadn’t been wearing her wedding ring, and split rumors caught on like wildfire.

However, despite confirmation that Windey and Schwer have called it quits, he is still very much supporting her.

“She keeps crushing it and y’all need to keep voting! Tonight 5PST/8EST #teamgabby,” Schwer captioned a DWTS graphic that explained how people can vote.

Schwer’s posts prompted a Reddit discussion with some fans wondering if the two are actually trying to work things out.

“We don’t know what happened between them. I still don’t think it’s over,” one person commented on a thread about Schwer’s messages.

“Maybe they broke up on good terms?” someone else suggested.

“The fact he’s still supporting her + the fact they haven’t released a statement + what Jesse said leads me to believe they AREN’T fully broken up. They’re probably on a break while she finishes DWTS and they’ll see what happens afterwards,” a third comment read.

“He’s keeping up appearances bc he knows if he doesn’t post any support, it confirms they’re not together. They’re broken up and waiting til after DWTS ends to announce it,” read a fourth Redditor’s take.

Rachel Recchia Previously Confirmed Windey & Schwer’s Split

Prior to Windey confirming the news, her “Bachelorette” partner and BFF Rachel Recchia spoke out about it.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Recchia was asked how she is supporting Windey post-split.

“Whatever support and whatever she needs right now, I’m gonna try to give to her,” Recchia told the outlet. “Just because we all know how difficult it is, especially in the public eye,” she added.

In an interview with People magazine, “Bachelorette” host Jesse Palmer didn’t seem to think that Windey and Schwer were completely over.

“I know they’re still trying to kind of work through things, so just giving them the space that they need,” he told the outlet.

Only time will tell what’s really going on with Windey and Schwer. In the meantime, fans are excited to see Windey in the finals after she secured her spot with a perfect score on Monday night.

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