Erin Andrews Opens Up About Family Plans, Having Children

Erin Andrews


Former Dancing With the Stars host Erin Andrews does not have any children, but she recently hinted that she and her husband, former NHL player Jarret Stoll, would like to change that soon.

After launching her new podcast alongside fellow sportscaster Charissa Thompson, Andrews spoke with Bustle about how the pandemic has changed her life in sports.

“The only thing that really changed was how stressful it was to travel [last fall],” she shared. “You’re on a plane for a minimum of four hours. I’d stay in a hotel four times a week. That added a lot of anxiety, not to mention worry about my loved ones. My mom and dad are in Florida. They’re high-risk.”

She said that her parents “just got their second vaccine,” so she is thankful that they are both healthy since the last time she met them she had to do a “socially distant meeting” in the driveway.

“Saying goodbye to them was awful,” she said. “I called a car service to pick me up, and I was bawling in the car.”

Andrews Says She May Have Children Soon

In the interview with Bustle, Andrews talked about the impact the pandemic has had on her life and hinted at when she may decide to have children.

“My husband and I missed the whole social circle where people commiserate about their kids, homeschool, all that stuff,” she shared. “We’re going to have kids in the next couple of years, so maybe we’ll be in a different social scene.”

She added, “But it’s been great to rekindle with my girlfriends, because, look, you still want to complain about your marriage or what you’re cooking. last night, I did a new chicken wing recipe and needed help to not have the fire alarm go off.”

Andrews Recently Launched a Podcast

Andrews launched her podcast Calm Down with Erin and Charissa in February 2021. The episodes feature the friends telling stories about things they’ve experienced at work, personal details about their lives, relationship advice, and just about anything else they can think of.

“Most people know Charissa and I as sports analysts and broadcasters,” Andrews told Deadline. “But this podcast really shows a different side of us. These are our real conversations about what we find to be most interesting and important today.”

Thompson agreed, sharing that “This podcast is an opportunity for us to dive into all of our interests in a genuinely candid and fun way.”

Andrews also picked up a brand-new gig recently. She’s a sportscaster, so she’s used to being in on the action from the sidelines with Fox NFL games, but she’ll be the one telling the drivers to start their engines at the new race.

According to, Andrews is the ambassador for Tubi, a free streaming service, and the service is sponsoring the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500, which is how Andrews got the job at the NASCAR race.

Andrews also runs her two-year-old sports clothing line, Wear by Erin Andrews, which focuses on sports clothing for women.

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