Former DWTS Host Gets ‘Stupid’ Tattoo While Drinking


Heavy/ABC The "Dancing With the Stars" alum got a regrettable tattoo.

A former host on “Dancing With the Stars” revealed she recently got a spontaneous tattoo — and now realizes it was a dumb move.

In a June 2023 episode of the “Calm Down With Erin and Charissa” podcast, former DWTS co-host Erin Andrews revealed that she just got her first-ever tattoo at age 45 while she was out drinking with friends.

Here’s what you need to know:

Erin Andrews Was Inspired by a Toast That Was Made After NHL Star Jonathan Quick Was Traded to Another Team

After taking four months off from her podcast, Andrews, who was a co-host on DWTS for 11 seasons, returned to her show with the news that she got a tattoo during the break. “I got a tattoo—a bad one!” she said as she showed scribbly ink on her wrist that spelled out the word “THIS.”

“I don’t have my ears double pierced.  I am the biggest – wait for it – square out there. I’m a loser. I’m a square,” she added, before detailing how her spontaneous tattoo came about.

Andrews first admitted even she doesn’t understand what her tattoo is about. She said she was out with friends and it was a “tough night” after pal Jonathan Quick was traded from his NHL team. In March 2023, Quick was traded to the Vegas Golden Knights just after being acquired by the Columbus Blue Jackets, per

“As we’re sitting there, everybody’s giving a toast. One of the toasts that were given was ‘To this and better,’” she said. “And we’re like ‘God, that’s a good one. That’s a great toast!’”

Andrews said a couple of days later she was “overserved” at the bar Wally’s, and she and some friends said, “Let’s get a tattoo!”

The sideline reporter revealed that a couple of the other girls had already gotten tattoos when she was out of town and she was mad that they did it without her. She then decided they should all get a “THIS” tattoo and later get a “BETTER” tattoo in honor of the toast they all loved. “I’m making so much sense inebriated,” she said. “It made a ton of sense when you’re overserved. We roll up to a tattoo parlor. I’ve never had one before. I don’t remember much.”

Andrews added that everyone asks her what her tattoo means and she says, “It means THIS.”  “THIS is so stupid,” she admitted.

Erin Andrews Previously Shut Down a Fan Who Suggested She Get a Tattoo

This isn’t the first time Andrews has talked about tattoos. In 2012, she responded to a fan on Twitter who suggested she would look great with a huge tattoo of a Gator on her back, in honor of her alma mater, the University of Florida, and its sports team. “I don’t even have my ears double pierced…not happening!” she replied.

Back in the day, Andrews did fangirl with tattoos—just not the permanent kind. “I grew up a sports fan,” she once  Entrepreneur. “I used to put the tattoos on my face and wear the clothes and all that.”

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