DWTS Alum Hints That Something Major Went Down on All-Stars

Mirrorball Trophy.

Heavy/ABC Gilles Marini talks All-Stars.

Season 8 “Dancing With the Stars” runner-up Gilles Marini shared his feelings on All-Stars, and he admitted that he wished he didn’t compete.

On the April 15 episode of the “Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans” podcast, Marini admitted, “I didn’t want to do that at all.”

When Burke asked Marini if he regretted doing All-Stars, he replied with a simple “yes.” When she asked him why, he responded, “in one sentence I would be canceled,” he said, adding, “I detest lying to my viewers.” He refused to really elaborate, leaving fans with questions about what went down on that season.

Marini did go on to say that he felt as though his packages for the show were manipulated — more so on All-Stars than on season 8.

“Every week when my package was showing, it was, look at this little idiot, so much in love with America, he was making fun of, I mean, if you please do me a favor, if you go back to it, you look at it, say, oh, they really want him gone,” he said on Burke’s podcast.

“Every time there was a video about me or something negative, the entire season, I never felt like something’s wrong here. I’m going to step aside a bit because when we rehearsed, they waiting for a moment of like, ah, to put that in, to really make that,” he added.

Marini and Burke finished season 8 in second place. He danced with Peta Murgatroyd on All-Stars and they finished in 6th place.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Reacted to Gilles Marini’s Comments in a Reddit Thread

For the most part, fans really wanted to know what happened on All-Stars that made Marini feel the way that he feels. However, he said he wouldn’t share the details until after DWTS was off the air.

“I remember all the nightmares on 2012 for very, very specific reason that I need to play the fifth until the show dies. When the show dies, I can talk about it and then everybody will say, ‘oh, wow, you really say nothing to people,'” he told Burke.

Following his comments, quite a few fans took to Reddit to respond.

“Gilles was such a phenomenal contestant, and I was so glad when I heard he was going to be on Cheryl’s podcast. Now I really want to know what happened on All Stars! Hopefully she can interview more celebrities who were on that season so they can maybe spill something,” one person wrote.

“All of the stars on Allstars imply that it was some seriously emotional rollercoaster season and now I need to know every in and out,” someone else said.

“Oh wow I wonder what happened on All-Stars? Definitely intrigued! Maybe Cheryl will let something slip if she knows what he’s talking about, unless it’s something they really can’t talk about while the show is on,” a third Redditor added.

Gilles Marini Would Caution His Kids Against Becoming Ballroom Dancers

Later on in his interview with Burke, Marini talked about the more behind-the-scenes world of ballroom dance.

“There’s a lot of things that goes under the world of the ballroom dance. You and I know, you’re smiling, you know what’s happening back door,” he said.

“Listen, I’m going to be frank, if my son wants to become a ballroom dancer, I will say, be rigid, be strong, dedicate yourself, but never disrespect a woman. If my daughter wants to become a ballroom dancer, I probably will say, please don’t,” he continued.

“Because not only is it difficult, it’s very tough for women because they put down a lot, and it’s more than competitive, they just sometimes lose their mindset, they see the world in a way that they maybe should not afterwards when they come to the real world. There’s a lot of pressure that comes down,” he added.

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