ABC Producer Wonders if Harry Jowsey’s DWTS Elimination Was Planned

Harry Jowsey.

Heavy/Getty Was Harry Jowsey voted off of DWTS because of Swifties?

An ABC producer is wondering if a group of fans got together to get Harry Jowsey voted off of “Dancing With the Stars.” After the Netflix star was eliminated on November 21, 2023, Robert Mills shared a theory.

Jowsey was eliminated on Taylor Swift night and Mills posted a screenshot of an article written by The U.S. Sun about Swift fans banding together to send Jowsey home.

“I actually wonder if this is what happened,” he wrote. Jowsey was partnered with pro Rylee Arnold and they nearly made it to the semifinals despite Jowsey’s mediocre scores.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Taylor Swift Fans Expressed Being Unhappy With Harry Jowsey

The theory that Mills posted was originally shared by The U.S. Sun, with the outlet reporting that some fans of Swift were upset because Jowsey follows Scooter Braun on social media.

For those who might be unfamiliar, Braun works as a talent agent and there has been major beef between he and Swift after he became in control of her music.

Swift ultimately decided to re-record all of her songs so that she would own the rights to her music. The feud has been ongoing, however, and Swifties are quite defensive of the “Cruel Summer” singer. For this reason, some people — like Mills — think that fans had a devised a plan to vote for other people on “Dancing With the Stars” in hopes of swaying the results.

“Attention swifties there is a contestant on dwts who is a scooter braun fan and follower. Please help us get him out by texting ‘charity, ‘jason’ or ‘xochitl’ to ‘21523’ during the live show #dwts#DWTSxTaylorSwift,” read one post on X.

“How did i not realize this. embarrassing for him,” someone commented.

“Make sure to also text ‘alyson’ and ‘ariana’ to that same number to ensure that h*rry doesn’t advance!!” another comment read.

Whether it was the power of Swifties or not, Jowsey was sent home after scoring a 30 for their rumba to Swift’s song “August.”

Fans Took to Reddit to Discuss Robert Mills’ ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Elimination Post

One “Dancing With the Stars” fan shared a screenshot of Mills’ X post on Reddit and others reacted to it.

“Never ever underestimate the power the Swifties have,” one person wrote.

“Damn.. if the producer is surprised that tells you what kind of vote percentage he was getting before this week,” someone else said.

“He would know the break down of votes each week so him being shocked is pretty telling. Never mess with swifties man they’re insane. I also think Alyson got a swiftie push because she’s such a big fan. I’ll be curious to see viewership numbers for next week,” another Redditor added.

“Tbh I don’t think Harry following scooter braun got him eliminated. I think more people who never watched the show tuned in because of TS night and just voted for who they thought was good. Also Robert Mills is known for stirring the pot. He does it all the time for the Bachelor,” a fourth comment read.

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