DWTS Frontrunner Acknowledges Feeling ‘Shame’ Ahead of Recent Divorce

Jason Mraz Divorce

Heavy DWTS star Jason Mraz shared insight about his divorce.

During season 32 of “Dancing with the Stars”, contestant Jason Mraz has embraced dance during an essential personal journey.

In a new interview, Mraz opened up about the complicated feelings he has navigated while trying to win the DWTS Mirrorball trophy.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jason Mraz Is Learning Important Life Lessons Through Dance

In 2018, Mraz released a poem during Pride Month where he wrote, “I am bi your side,” shared ET Online. That was the first time he publicly revealed he was a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Mraz was married to Christina Carano at the time that he came out as bisexual. However, in June, he shared via the Los Angeles Times that he and Carano had quietly divorced. He had been quiet about the divorce out of respect for Carano. Now, however, he is opening up about his journey of discovering who he really is.

On November 13, an interview Mraz did with Anthony Ramos of GLAAD was shared on the GLAAD Instagram page. Throughout the interview, Mraz was quite open about the struggles he has felt in finding himself.

The musician explained, “As we grow, we continue to develop, unravel, unfold, you know, evolve and a lot of the album was speaking to those things as I was feeling, you know, that I wasn’t final, that I still had things I wanted to experience.”

Mraz shared, “I had to play out a lot of other scenarios before I arrived here,” of his sexuality. The “Dancing with the Stars” contender added, “Unfortunately, that was very hard to, like, it’s both hard to do those and to unravel those.”

The singer admitted, “What I’m basically describing is a divorce, you know, and that’s very hard. You carry a lot of shame, guilt, you know, you want to heal as many relationships of the past as possible.” Mraz added, “At the same time, step into this new acceptance and new identity or whatever I’m claiming, and that’s also hard.”

Mraz Is Building Confidence & Finding Himself

Doing “Dancing with the Stars” has provided a unique opportunity to figure out who he is. “All day you’re looking at yourself in the mirror, and that can be hard for anybody, any human, to accept themselves looking in the mirror,” Mraz noted. “On top of it then, my partner, my coach here, is asking me to move in ways that I’ve never moved before.”

Mraz admitted, “My first reaction is, I look silly. And then you break through that and it’s like oh, no, I feel it. I feel it. Okay, I feel kind of cool. And then eventually it becomes confidence.”

“So it is a journey… I have to figure out how to accept myself, get back into my body, move through life in ways that I’m happy about,” Mraz explained. The “Dancing with the Stars” contender shared he’s working on this “So by the end of the day I feel accomplished and I feel happy to be me.

He has discovered that “Dance is an amazing medium for that transformation and for that accepting of oneself.” Mraz encouraged others to “Be patient with yourself. Love yourself through all of that silly awkwardness because that is the clay that then gets molded into something really that you feel is very beautiful.”

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