Jenna Johnson Looks ‘So Different’ in Throwback Dance Videos

Jenna Johnson

Getty Jenna Johnson in 2015.

Jenna Johnson is a mirrorball trophy-winning pro dancer on ”Dancing with the Stars” but nearly a decade ago she was a contestant on another popular dance show.

When she was still a teen, Johnson, now 28, was a contestant on Season 10 of Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance.” Her specialty on the show, which aired in 2013, was Latin ballroom,  per IMDb. Johnson returned to the hit show in 2017 as an all-star dancer.

Newer DWTS fans may not know about Johnson’s past as a reality TV contestant, so when she posted a throwback clip in honor of the new season of “SYTYCD,” some fans couldn’t believe how much she has changed.

Jenna Johnson Shared a Montage of Some of Her Most Memorable SYTYCD Routines & Some Fans Didn’t Recognize Her

On her Instagram page, Johnson posted a compilation of some of her most memorable moments from the Fox dancing competition she first appeared in nearly a decade ago. Johnson captioned the post to tell fans that in honor of the show’s new season, she wanted to share “a trip down memory lane where it all started” for her.

“9 years ago my life changed when I auditioned for SYTYCD,” she captioned the footage. “I made the top 20!! Living my childhood dreams dancing on TV as a CONTESTANT dancing on the show. Another dream came true when I was asked to be an ALLSTAR. And I was SPEECHLESS when I came back full circle and was back to be a choreographer.”

In the comment section, several fans reacted to the videos of “baby Jenna.” Others fondly recalled her “ponytail dance” with a “lip” couch prop with choreographer Mark Kanemura.

But others couldn’t believe it was Johnson in the videos.

“I wouldn’t have recognized you if you hadn’t said that was you! You’ve changed a lot in 9 years! Congrats on the success,” one fan wrote.

“I can’t believe that’s u in every shot?! Gorgeous!” another added.

“You look so different now,” a third wrote. “Lost a lot of weight too. Probably gained lots of muscle.”

Jenna Johnson Previously Shared Before & After Photos of Herself

Nine years is a long time, and Johnson really was still a “baby” when she started competing professionally. But the DWTS pro has been open about how both her body and her mind have transformed over the years. In 2019, Johnson posted two bathing photos of herself taken several years apart.

“Pictured are two girls. And I LOVE both of them,” she captioned the pics. “The difference is, the girl on the left didn’t trust herself. Tried to cover herself up with a mask of makeup and that terrible flower crown. Feared what people thought about her. Didn’t know who she was. Tried to be what other people wanted. Was afraid to look up! And ultimately it reflected on her outward appearance.”

“The girl on the right decided to embrace herself,” Johnson added of the more recent pic. “Accepted her insecurities. Loved her acne! Doesn’t wear makeup 90% of the time. Opened up. Took charge of her life and her identity. Blocked out the bullies and the critics who don’t know her. Tries every day to love herself and know her worth!!”

Johnson noted that she focused on putting more effort into her mental health as well as her body, which gave her a full transformation in her 20s.

“I’m grateful for both women pictured,” the DWTS champ wrote. “Grateful for all that I’ve gone through. And I’M PROUD OF HOW FAR I’VE COME! And how HARD I’ve worked on both my physical and mental health.”

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