DWTS Champ Admits Her Heart Is ‘Almost Too Full’ After Emotional Visit

Jennifer Grey Father

Heavy Jennifer Grey's heart was full after surprising her father.

A former “Dancing with the Stars” champion took fans along on a quick, but important, trip she recently had. Jennifer Grey flew out to visit her father for his birthday and admitted she shed tears.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jennifer Grey Was ‘Beyond Grateful’ for Her Visit With Her Dad

On April 12, Grey shared a video on her Instagram page that showed her surprising her father on his 92nd birthday.

The season 11 “Dancing with the Stars” champion’s father is Joel Grey, who has a lengthy history as an actor on Broadway, television, and in films. As Joel’s IMDb page lists, he has had roles in shows such as “Oz,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Touched by an Angel,” and “Alias.”

In the caption of her Instagram post, Jennifer wrote, “Flew in yesterday morning to surprise my dad on his 92nd birthday… I’m not crying, you’re crying.” She noted via a hashtag she was “beyond grateful.”

Jennifer used The Beatles song “All You Need Is Love” to accompany her video. The clip showed her arriving at her father’s place and surprising him as he sat on the couch.

They shared a long embrace and he stroked her face and smiled as he took in her presence. She shook her hands at one point as if she was trying to shake off the oncoming tears.

The DWTS Champion Squeezed a Lot Into Her Trip

The following day, April 13, Jennifer shared more about her quick trip to New York via Instagram. She included a lengthy caption recapping her 24-hour visit and packed a lot into her time there.

In this video, Jennifer used the Sade song “Kiss of Life” to accompany the montage of moments from her trip. She explained, “In New York for just over 24 hrs, I covered a lot of ground.”

After surprising her father for his birthday, “We sat on the stoop of my first apartment where I lived for most of my twenties,” the “Dancing with the Stars” champion shared. After that, they sat on a park bench across the street.

Joel’s best friend Jean Claude Huon flew in for the birthday celebration, too. They checked out the new “Cabernet” production as well.

“But this time, instead of being six years old watching my father perform from the wings, I was sitting next to him,” she gushed. The “Dancing with the Stars” champion also had an opportunity to spend time with fellow entertainer Tracy Pollan, “My best friend since 9th grade.”

Jennifer hit several other spots that held special meaning for her. She described the experience as “Events and relationships that had been so impactful in my becoming who I am, just unfolding for me, as if orchestrated by some sentimental and deeply generous force.”

“My past serendipitously and gently colliding with my now, eliciting wonder and awe at the passage of time, both collapsing and elastic,” she added. “Sniff! My ❤️is full. Almost too full,” Jennifer wrote to finish off her caption.

Fans Swooned Over Jennifer’s Trip to Surprise Her Father

Fans and fellow entertainers loved Jennifer’s surprise trip to celebrate with her father.

“Lucky dad and lucky daughter. So sweet,” one person commented.

“This is so beautiful ❤️ and the way he looks at you. I’m crying with you,” wrote another.

“This is what life is all about. Pure love. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment! Happy Birthday to your day🥰🎂❤️,” added someone else.

“What a beautiful memory you just made. I fell in love with your father after watching Cabaret. He still looks marvellous and so do you! It is indeed still a wonderful world. Happy Birthday Joel,” a different commenter shared.