Fans Worried That DWTS Champ Has Ended Her Engagement

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Heavy Fans think a DWTS champ has ended her engagement.

Fans are becoming increasingly worried that “Dancing With the Stars” champ Kaitlyn Bristowe has ended her engagement to Jason Tartick.

The couple, who has been linked since 2019 — hasn’t shared any photos of videos together in weeks. Both Bristowe and Tartick have been traveling without one another, spending time with friends and family in different parts of the country. In addition, many fans have pointed out that Bristowe hasn’t been wearing her engagement rings in various Instagram posts.

On July 29, 2023, Bristowe shared a post on Instagram of herself enjoying time on the beach. The comments section quickly filled up with fans wondering if she and Tartick had split.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kaitlyn Bristowe & Jason Tartick Haven’t Responded to This Round of Split Rumors

Bristowe and Tartick have been hit with split rumors numerous times over the past couple of years, and, sometimes, they respond.

Back in February 2023, for example, someone responded to an Instagram Q&A on Bristowe’s Instagram Stories saying, “You and Jason are 100% not working out.” Bristowe shared the post on her Instagram feed along with a video of Tartick kissing her on the cheek. “Your math ain’t mathin,” she responded.

This time around, however, Bristowe and Tartick haven’t said anything about the status of their relationship, which has only made the rumors intensify. And while it’s not unlike Bristowe and Tartick to be away from one another and they have previously gone weeks without posting together on social media, some people are really worried that the two are done.

“I think Jason and her broke up. No ring. She is always out partying and with friends and never with him,” one person commented on Bristowe’s recent Instagram post.

“No engagement ring,” someone else wrote.

“Where is Jason? Hope all is well,” a third Instagram user said.

“If your [sic] broke up with Jason at least tell us. We all love you and Jason and have been invested in this since the beginning,” a fourth added.

Kaitlyn Bristowe Got 3 New Tattoos & Shared a Photo of Herself Crying on Her Instagram Stories

On July 26, 2023, Bristowe revealed that she had gotten three new tattoos.

“Anyone else in their ‘what is my life’ era? I just got 3 tattoos last night and I think I have a bird nest in my hair. So ya. Same. We can get through it, right?” she asked in the caption of an Instagram post. In the second photo of the upload, she revealed her new ink.

One tattoo reads “MUSE,” while another, going down the center of her back, reads “no rain no flowers.” Her third new tattoo is of a crescent moon and is located on her right shoulder blade. Amongst the dozens of reactions were plenty of people saying that Bristowe and Tartick had likely broken up.

Bristowe has been fairly candid about trying to prioritize her mental health and has often shared vulnerable posts when she’s having a hard time. On July 29, 2023, Bristowe shared a side-by-side photo on her Instagram Stories; one photo on the left of her crying and one on the right of her on the beach.

“Both of these photos were taken the same say,” she wrote. “It’s ok for both to exist. Just know that the highlights are mostly posted about. You’re not alone in your struggles. Start being your own curator of what media you take in. Follow what brings you joy. Start looking for the REAL and not the reel,” she added.

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