Kristin Cavallari Admits Recent Split Happened Over Text

Kristin Cavallari

Getty Kristin Cavallari admitted she did something horrible.

Kristin Cavallari admitted she’s the worst when it comes to breakups.  In February 2023, the “Dancing With the Stars” season 13 alum opened up to her former “Laguna Beach” co-star, Stephen Colletti, on Dear Media’s “Back to the Beach” podcast to admit she has dumped guys via text message in the past.

“I actually just recently did that over a text,” Cavallari said on the podcast that dropped on Feb. 28, 2023. “I know that’s horrible.”

She clarified that the text dumpings have only occurred when she’s been seeing a guy for a short time and realizes the relationship is “going nowhere.” “I know, it’s pretty f***ed up.”

Cavallari also revealed that her most recent attempt to end things over text did not go over well because her rejected suitor wouldn’t accept her decision and kept “fighting” it.

“I got multiple voice notes back,” she revealed, adding that she knew she should probably send one back but didn’t feel like it, so she just responded to the guy via another text. “I’m still f***ing heartless, I guess,” she added. “But it was nothing serious so I was just like,  it is what it is.”

Cavallari split from her husband Jay Cutler in March 2020; the exes share kids Jax, Camden, and Saylor. But while Cavallari has been casually dating over the past couple of years, she hasn’t found a serious boyfriend yet.

Kristin Cavallari Has a “Specific List” of What She’s Looking For in a  Guy

Kristin Cavallari

GettyKristin Cavallari.

Cavallari is picky about what she’s looking for in a man. While speaking on the “Off the Vine” podcast in February 2023, the Uncommon James founder confirmed she has not been in a serious relationship since her divorce from Cutler. While she noted that there’s been “moments” where she has wanted to be in a relationship, she made it clear that has been loving being on her own.

“I have a very specific list that I want in a man and I’m not gonna settle,” Cavallari said. “I’m not gonna put up with someone’s bulls***.”

Cavallari teased a few of the things on her list while speaking with Entertainment Tonight in 2021. At the time, the mom of three revealed that she wants to be with a man who is “stable” and “not a crazy narcissist.”  She also likes “manly men” who can fix things that break, and  someone who is “really self-assured and confident.”

Kristin Cavallari Expects Guys to Make an Effort

Kristin Cavallari Jay Cutler

GettyKristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler.

Cavallari has said that she only wants to date guys who make a real effort to impress her.

“I want the guy to make the effort,” she told E! News. While she acknowledged that she’s fine with a girl making the first move, the busy single mom added, “Where I’m at in my life, I want the guy to put in some work, because guys don’t know how to do that anymore.”

In August 2022, Cavallari made similar comments on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. “Where I’m at currently in my life, I want to be pursued,” she said. “I want to be f***ing courted. I want the man to put in some f***ing effort.”

The Uncommon James founder noted that after being with Cutler for 10 years she was faced with a “s*** show” when she got back into the dating world.

“Guys are lazy as f*** now — and they’re always looking for the next best thing,” she said. “So it’s like, no, I’m sorry, I don’t have time for your little bulls*** anymore. Like, let me see how serious you are and put in the effort.”

Cavallari was even saying that when she was married to Cutler. According to, while giving dating advice on an episode of “Millionaire Matchmaker.” Cavallari told Ally Zarin that she should “find a gentleman, someone that’s going to pursue you and put in a little effort — and always put you first.”

“You don’t want to be in a relationship with a guy that you have to pursue in the beginning. You’re the woman! He has to cherish you and love you,” Cavallari added.

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