DWTS Pro Lindsay Arnold Shares Vulnerable Message With Fans Amid Pregnancy

Lindsay Arnold

Getty Lindsay Arnold

“Dancing With the Stars” pro Lindsay Arnold opened up about feeling insecure after getting some mean messages on social media.

“Going to be honest with you all I had a rough night and was pretty affected by some dms that shouldn’t bother me but do especially when I’m already having insecurities about the things someone is commenting on lol,”she wrote on Instagram. “But it’s a new day and I am going to push that aside and move forward!”

She added, “Just wanted to be real with you all and let you know that sometimes it can be tough to show up on here and be myself.”

In the video, Arnold explains she was going to respond to DMs from fans but found one that was mean about her appearance during her pregnancy like her skin and hair, which has changed throughout her pregnancy.

Lindsay Arnold Has Been Open About Her Insecurities Throughout Her Pregnancy

Lindsay Arnold is currently pregnant with her second child, and she’s been open about feeling insecure, mostly because of social media, during her pregnancy.

In a TikTok video uploaded on February 6, 2023.

In the nearly 3-minute video, Arnold does her makeup while talking about how “frustrated” she has been about her insecurities and how they’ve been fueled by social media.

In the video, Arnold shared that she spent about 45 minutes the previous night “hyper-obsessing” over pictures of herself at various stages of her life. She specifically said she looked at photos from before she got pregnant and photos from during her previous pregnancy.

“I was just trying to frantically decipher, like, what looks different and what might be why people have been commenting so much lately,” she shared, adding that she gets comments about her appearance every day.

Lindsay Arnold Shared a Health Update With Her Fans

Arnold updated her fans when she had to go in for a glucose test during her pregnancy.

“Also getting my thyroid checked today and just got another blood draw,” Arnold wrote on her Instagram Stories. “A lot of you have been messaging me about my thyroid looking inflamed! It’s something I have noticed and decided to just check it out! I’ll let you know if everything is good.”

Near the end of her video, Arnold visited her husband, Sam Cusick, at work.

“Sam getting attacked by my needy butt during a business call is what makes the video,” Arnold captioned the TikTok, which was uploaded on February 21, 2023. In the video, Arnold shares her getting ready process for the glucose test, which involved fasting and drinking a high-sugar drink.

Before going into the test, Arnold shared that she was feeling “not awesome” and that she was a little nauseous and dizzy before going in. Then, she got her blood drawn, which made her feel like she was going to “pass out.”

She said she needed some “TLC” when she went in to see her husband at work.

“Dancing With the Stars” is set to return in the fall of 2023 on Disney+.

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