Lindsay Arnold Makes ‘Sad’ Confession in New Video

Lindsay Arnold

Getty Lindsay Arnold

“Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Lindsay Arnold shared insecurities she’s developed since growing her social media following in a TikTok uploaded on February 6, 2023.

In the nearly 3-minute video, Arnold does her makeup while talking about how “frustrated” she has been about her insecurities and how they’ve been fueled by social media.

She captioned the video, “Putting this out there in case you are going through this way. Let’s all be better and nicer to ourselves.”

Arnold is currently expecting her second child with her husband, Sam Cusick.

Lindsay Arnold Says Many of Her Insecurities Came About Because of Social Media


Putting this out there in case you are going through this in your own way. Let’s all be better and nicer to ourselves 💕💕 #socialmedia #insecurity #insecuritiescheck #insecuritiestrend #combatnegativethoughts #combatnegativethinking #socialmediatrolls #benice #loveyourself

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In the video, Arnold shared that she spent about 45 minutes the previous night “hyper-obsessing” over pictures of herself at various stages of her life. She specifically said she looked at photos from before she got pregnant and photos from during her previous pregnancy.

“I was just trying to frantically decipher, like, what looks different and what might be why people have been commenting so much lately,” she shared, adding that she gets comments about her appearance every day.

The dancer said a lot of the comments were about her lips, though she has been open about the fact that she has been getting lip injections for the past five years and shared that “anything changing in my lips right now is just me putting on weight and swelling” due to her pregnancy.

“I had this moment of, like, Lindsay, what ar you freaking doing?” she said. “I’ve been in the public eye for awhile now. I’ve had so many people comment on my appearance, on the way I look, on the things that I do.”

The professional dancer said she was never insecure about certain parts of her appearance until posting on social media.

“I want to be better,” she told her fans.

Then, she said people have commented on her teeth a lot in the past, which led her to get Invisalign.

“My teeth were something I was never, ever insecure about or thought there was anything wrong with until I actively saw people commenting on it on social media,” Arnold said.

Fans took to the comment section to share their support for Arnold, with some calling the whole situation “sad.”

Arnold Previously Said She Felt Misunderstood on Social Media

During a 2022 question and answer session where fans asked questions anonymously, one person asked Arnold what she felt was most “misunderstood” about her, and her answer was centered around social media and what fans think about her.

“I feel like people assume that because I share my life on social media and have this following must mean that I love attention and want this ‘famous’ life as some would say,” she wrote at the time. “But I don’t. That might sound weird but like I love what I do and I’m soo grateful for the opportunities it has brought to my life.”

The professional dancer added, “But the driving/motivating force of it all isn’t to be famous and get attention which I think a lot of people assume celebrities or influencers do it for that alone. Maybe some do and there is nothing wrong with that!”

“Dancing With the Stars” is set to return in the fall of 2023.

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