DWTS Alum Recalls Scary Incident When Someone Tried to ‘Take’ Her Son

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Pixabay A DWTS alum recalled a scary incident.

Pamela Anderson recalled a scary incident that happened when she was younger. The “Dancing With the Stars” alum opened up about her adjustment to fame with Ronan Farrow for an article that was published in Interview magazine.

Anderson, who shares two sons with ex Tommy Lee, released a memoir on January 31, 2023. Additionally, a Netflix documentary about her life was released on the same day. In both the book and the documentary, Anderson revealed candid details about her life. She’s also been doing press to promote her new endeavors, sharing more about the experiences she’s had — including one when someone “tried to take” her son, Dylan “off the playground.”

“I stopped him and I took Dylan and I looked at this guy. He had been living in the bushes close to the school and he had a whole encampment made of pictures of me. He had People magazine in his hand and he was looking for my son because he had seen a picture of him,” Anderson told Farrow.

Here’s what you need to know:

Pamela Anderson Discussed Her Rise to Fame & How it Affected Her Over the Years

During her chat with Interview, Anderson said that she was very protective of her children. “I was very, very protective without having them feel like they were being overprotected. We didn’t have nannies, I didn’t have babysitters, I only trusted my family around my kids,” she told the outlet, adding that she hired private security to look after her boys when they were in elementary school.

And the aforementioned incident on the playground isn’t the only time that Anderson worried about her safety. In an interview with Variety, she talked about the time she discovered that a young girl from France was squatting in a room of her home — wearing a red swimsuit not unlike the one Anderson wore on “Baywatch.”

“The police said, ‘Well, you really weren’t in that much danger because she was a girl.’ I was like, ‘How does that make it less dangerous? Women can still murder people.’ It’s kind of been an interesting, reoccurring theme with me and women. My babysitter was female, and people would never assume that she was molesting me. It shouldn’t make a difference. Everyone’s capable of horrible things,” she told the outlet. The woman ended up being deported.

Pamela Anderson Has the Full Support of Her Sons

Pamela Anderson told People magazine that reliving the feelings she had in the past was “very hard” but she felt as though she wanted to do it — to tell her story. Two of her biggest supporters along the way have been her two sons, Dylan and Brandon. Anderson said that her sons got a little emotional while watching the documentary.

“I think Brandon was a little emotional,” Anderson told the outlet. Brandon had a producer credit on the documentary.

“Dylan was a little emotional when he saw it. Brandon’s seen a ton of it. He’s been doing this for two years, so this has been a long process and as a mom, you never want to burden your kids. But this has kind of been a fun family project, but it had a lot of emotion tied to it,” she added.

Both Brandon and Dylan attended the premiere for “Pam, a Love Story,” according to ABC News.

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