DWTS Champ Rumer Willis Calls Out Internet Trolls Amid Criticism

Rumer Willis.

Getty Images Rumer Willis is clapping back.

Season 20 “Dancing With the Stars” champ Rumer Willis had a message for her haters after she received negative comments when sharing some of her favorite items in an article featured in “The Strategist” by New York magazine.

Firstly, Willis took to the comments section of a post shared on The Strategist’s official Instagram account in September 2023.

“Wow y’all in the comment section are so mean. I wonder if you would say this to my face,” she wrote. Then, she shared the post on her Instagram Stories, adding a candid video of herself addressing what she said and further explaining her feelings on the matter.

“I was really taken aback at the level of negativity and just trolling,” she said. “Regardless of whether you like me or not or think I’ve accomplished anything in my life or not, I’m also just a human being who has feelings,” she continued.

“I’m a sensitive human being. I would really greatly appreciate it if you weren’t so nasty to me or weren’t so mean to me. Even though you can label and call me a nepo baby or whatever it is, I’m also just a person,” she concluded.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Instagram Users Made Comments About Rumer Willis

Willis is the daughter of actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. She is one of three sisters; her siblings include Tallulah Willis and Scout Willis. In 2023, she welcomed her first child, a daughter named Louetta, with her boyfriend, Derek Richard Thomas.

Some of the items on Willis’ list include a $60 Stanley water bottle, $195 collagen skin cream, and a $370 baby carrier. The comments on the Instagram post were plentiful, with the majority criticizing Willis — and her expensive list of must have items.

“Nepo baby wish lists? She was never an it girl nor serious about her looks and beauty. I’ll pass,” read one comment.

“You’ve definitely run out of material when you’re posting about the unaccomplished daughter of an actor & actress,” someone else wrote.

“Gross,” a third Instagram user added.

“My eyes rolled straight back into my head reading this,” another person said.

Rumer Willis Shared a Photo of Her Family

Willis has been open about sharing some of the products that she’s found helpful as a new mom and doesn’t seem to get too much hate on her own account, on which she has amassed more than one million followers.

After speaking her mind, Willis shared a photo of her with her boyfriend and their daughter on her Instagram Stories.

“My life is a gift, I have never been happier and feel more in love than I have ever been. I have the most wonderful daughter beyond my wildest dreams. And my story is only beginning,” she captioned the post.

This isn’t the first time that Willis has faced criticism for something she did or said. For example, in August 2023, she shared a picture of herself breastfeeding her daughter and received a good deal of backlash in the comments section. For the most part, she tends to just ignore the negativity.

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