DWTS Champ Shawn Johnson Heads to Hospital After ‘Severe’ Sickness

Shawn Johnson.

Getty Images Shawn Johnson was "violently" ill.

Former Mirrorball Trophy winner Shawn Johnson had a rough couple of days after coming down with a “severe” case of food poisoning.

“Fun story for you guys — why I’ve been MIA the past two days,” Johnson began. “I got severe food poisoning two nights ago… and had to go get two bags of fluids because I was so dehydrated,” the “Dancing With the Stars” champ shared on her Instagram Stories on January 31, 2023.

“I have a lot of makeup on right now… but under my makeup, I broke at least a thousand blood vessels in my face and in my lips. My lips are blue,” she continued.

Johnson competed on season 8 of “Dancing With the Stars,” winning the Mirrorball with her pro partner Mark Ballas. She returned for the All Stars season in 2012 and finished in second place with Derek Hough.

Here’s what you need to know:

Shawn Johnson’s Face & Neck Are Red From Broken Blood Vessels

Johnson said she was “violently” ill for 12 hours straight. “That was fun,” she said sarcastically. She explained that much of her face is red from retching as well as her whole neck.

“But we’re back, baby,” she said with a smile. She went on to share a couple of pictures from her time at the hospital. In the first photo, Johnson said her face was “twice as red” today. She shared another photo of herself wearing a mask and an oversized sweatshirt at she lay with an IV in her arm.

“Slowly getting better,” she captioned a video of herself without makeup on her face. The popped blood vessels in her skin and her lips were visible.

Johnson didn’t share what she ate that made her sick. According to the Mayo Clinic, food poisoning can be caused by germs in food or a beverage.

“Symptoms of food poisoning often include upset stomach, diarrhea and vomiting. Symptoms usually start within hours or several days of eating the food,” the site reports, adding that most patients are able to recover without seeking medical treatment.

Shawn Johnson’s Husband Posted a Funny Video About What His Wife Does When She’s Sick

Around the time that Johnson had food poisoning, her husband Andrew East shared a funny video about her on Instagram.

“My wife went to ‘bed’ an hour ago exhausted with a migraine. She has since sent me 35 Zillow listings, 150 tiktoks, and a 2023 holiday itinerary,” he captioned the video.

In addition, East shared a series of photos of Johnson on his Instagram Stories as she posed in the bathroom wearing a pair of jeans and black sweatshirt. “Modeling,” he captioned one pic of his wife standing with her head tilted back.

“Fierce,” he captioned another photo, zooming in on Johnson. “Dynamic,” read the next caption. In the next snap, he zoomed in on her face — her broken blood vessels noticeable. “Iconic,” he captioned the shot. Given the playful nature of the photos, it seems as though they were taken once she was feeling better.

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