Tom Bergeron Gives Firm Answer on If He’d Return to Host ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Tom Bergeron DWTS


A whole season of Dancing With the Stars has aired since Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews announced their departures from the show, and Bergeron is now opening up about whether or not he’d return to the show if asked.

In an interview with TV Guide, Bergeron strongly implied that he will not be returning to the ballroom in the future.

He was asked how he responds to fans who want him to return to the show, and he didn’t hold back.

“When people say, ‘I’m not gonna watch until you’re back,’ I say, ‘Well, there’s really no ‘until’ here.’ This train has left the station. I appreciate the statement, and I don’t hold it against anybody if they [watch the show].”

From that statement alone, it’s clear that Bergeron will not be making a return to host Dancing With the Stars in the future.

Bergeron Appreciates the Friends He Made on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

In the same article, Bergeron talked about the best times he had while hosting the show.

“The friendships I have with people who were on the camera and behind the camera,” he said were his favorite parts of hosting the show. “I used to throw midseason parties for cast and staff. It helped create a sense of solidarity… and then we’d try to sober up the next day.”

He said that he loved interacting with the celebrity contestants on the show as well, sharing that, “There’s a humanizing factor to trying something new. For the most part, it was people trying to do a job well, with the same insecurities and hopes any of us deal with.”

Bergeron Has Nothing Left on His Bucket List

According to the interview, Bergeron said he doesn’t really have anything left on his bucket list and he’s had a great career.

“My career path looks like a hostage note cut and pasted from a bunch of different magazines,” he said. “I regarded myself as a broadcaster and was very fortunate that wonderful opportunities presented themselves. I’ve been on two network shows for the better part of 15 years each, so life’s been good.”

When it comes to his bucket list, he said, “I’ve hosted every format imaginable. There’s no real fire in my gut to do it again. Having said that, I’m always open to surprises.”

Fans of Bergeron shouldn’t be surprised that he said he won’t be returning to Dancing, as he’s made comments about that in the past.

During a recent interview on the Stuttering John Podcast, Bergeron talked about why he left Dancing With the Stars and what his plans are for the future. When asked if he would return to hosting any show, he said it would depend on what job was offered to him because he does not want to work long hours anymore.

“No, it would depend,” he said. “I never say never. But, I’ve hosted, as you’ve pointed out, so many different formats. I’m not really looking to work a lot, five days a week.”

He added that since he’s now 65 years old, he’s enjoying his life with the money he has in the bank.

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