Tyra Banks Talks Return to ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Next Season

DWTS Tyra Banks

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Now that season 29 of Dancing With the Stars is wrapped, many familiar faces are giving interviews looking back on the season and looking forward to the future of the show.

Tyra Banks, the new host of the show, spoke with ET Online after the final episode aired about whether or not she’d be returning to the show next season. She also talked about the show’s record-breaking ratings through season 29.

Banks also revealed during the interview that her dream contestant for the show would be Colin Kaepernick.

Banks Says She’s Not Sure if She’ll Return

In the interview with ET, Banks revealed that she doesn’t know what will happen with the show next season or if she’ll ultimately return for another time hosting in the ballroom.

“I don’t know,” she told the outlet. “We shall see! I don’t know. I had a good time. We’ll see.”

She added that her family has been incredibly supportive of her as she hosted the show.

“My family’s super supportive,” she shared. “My son’s obsessed with Dancing With the Stars. He sings the song to me… He’s remixing the song. My mom was the first person to ever tell me to watch Dancing With the Stars, so she’s so proud to see me host the show.”

Banks’ son, York, is four years old.

Banks Revealed the Ratings for Season 29 Were Record-Breaking

When it comes to how the show was received by fans, Banks revealed that the numbers brought in by the show for season 29 were record-breaking.

“We broke a lot of records when it comes to the ratings for this show,” Banks shared. “And yes, there was change, but the change meant hell of a lot of big ratings. In the end, this is a business and that’s what matters, making sure that people are coming and that new people are coming.”

She said that she had a ton of fun while working as the host of Dancing With the Stars. 

“I had so much fun…” she said. “I’m obsessed with the pause, by the way. I’m serving pause. I want America to be like ‘Say it! Say it! Say it!’ So the pause is everything.”

Banks also revealed some more behind-the-scenes information about her outfit changes and how many she hopes she’ll wear next season if she’s still hosting the show, saying she hopes to get up to 30 new outfits for the next season.

“Toward the end, we realized we had to write down [the steps of outfit changes],” the host told the outlet. “It’s written down, so they’re yelling it to me as we go. There were a couple of instances where I was holding my clothes up and hosting live TV and not everybody necessarily knew that.”

She said she’s also hoping to get comfier shoes next season since some of the shoes she wore this season were so uncomfortable that they made her toes go numb for days.

Dancing With the Stars will return for Season 30 in 2021.

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