‘Euphoria’ Season 2: Filming & Release Date Updates


HBO just released Euphoria‘s first bridge episode, Part 1: Rue. But when will Season 2 release? Unfortunately, it’s going to be longer than you might want to wait. But knowing Euphoria, the wait will be worthwhile.

Season 2 Was Ready to Film When Everything Shut Down for the Pandemic

According to creator Sam Levinson in an after-credits special for Part 1: Rue, they were just two days away from starting to film Season 2 when everything shut down. So that means the costumes and scripts and the actors were all ready. The script may have changed some since then, but everyone’s essentially ready to start up again.

Zendaya confirmed this in an interview, EW reported. She said: “We were headed into season 2 and we had done table reads and wardrobe fittings and all kinds of things and then obviously everything happened and we got shut down, literally like two days before we were about to start the first day of shooting.”

Zendaya Has to Finish Filming ‘Spider-Man’ First

The actors have other commitments that can slow down when Season 2 filming gets to start up again. Zendaya told Elle that filming for Season 2 won’t begin until at least early 2021, in part because she needs to finish shooting the new Spider-Man movie first.

She told Elle: “We’re doing a little Christmas special to check in with everybody on Euphoria, until we can get back to [the full production], which probably won’t happen until after I get back from filming the next Spider-Man movie, which is pretty soon.”

Since giving the interview, she arrived in Atlanta, Georgia, to film the movie in late October, ScreenRant reported. Then in mid-November, a clip was released of Spider-Man being filmed, which includes showing Tom Holland and Zendaya doing stunt work about 50 feet in the air, The Direct reported.

An article released this week by CinemaBlend noted that Spider-Man is still filming, so it’s not time for the new Euphoria season to start filming yet. Zendaya wouldn’t answer some major fan questions about the movie’s plot, smartly staying quiet about what to expect.

In September, a fan shared that Jacob Elordi (who plays Jake) had shared in a Snapchat interview that the Season 2 script was still being changed sometimes and filming hadn’t started yet.

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The New Season Is Expected to Start Filming in Early 2021, Which Means Season 2 Won’t Release Until Late 2021 at the Earliest

HBO President Casey Bloys announced that Season 2 of Euphoria won’t start filming until sometime in early 2021, ScreenRant reported.

Spoiler TV is estimating that Euphoria will begin filming Season 2 in March 2021. This means the release date for Season 2 won’t be any earlier than late 2021, but possibly not until sometime in 2022.

Costume designer Heidi Bivens told Refinery 29 that Jules’ style will change in Season 2, noting: “She’s just had this experience with Anna in LA and is inspired by her and their experiences together. We’ve only gotten a glimpse of City Jules, with most of her scenes taking place in a suburban area that suffocates her. Now that she is setting her sights on the city, her style will follow suit with a more freeing and daring aesthetic.”

Zendaya told InStyle that the second season will be “beautiful.”

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