EXCLUSIVE: Tan France Gives Style Advice & Tips About Saving While Shopping

Tan France.

Heavy/Getty Tan France.

Fans of the Netflix hit “Queer Eye” and competition series, “Next in Fashion” are well aware Tan France knows a thing or two about elevating one’s style. While exclusively speaking to Heavy in April 2024, the fashion designer shared his views about spring and summer trends, saving money while shopping, and how one’s individual style can shine through while taking inspiration from others. 

During his interview with Heavy, France, who has partnered with Citi Shop, stated that he wants his fashion-focused fans to know he has found the browser extension helpful when it comes to shopping without overspending.  

“I love a saving, regardless of how much it is, I love a saving. I want to know that I’m getting the best deal out there. And so the Citi Shop browser extension is the easiest tool, in my opinion. The best tool,” said France.

He stated that the browser has made shopping sales easier for him, as the best deals from 5,000 merchants immediately pop up.

“When you are shopping, you don’t have to search for the deal. It populates. As soon as you are on that website, it lets you know if there is [a deal] and what it is. And so I’m no longer hunting around,” said the “Queer Eye” star. 

Tan France Explained Why He Does Not Care About Trends 

While speaking to Heavy, France stated that the Citi Shop browser will be useful for those who want to purchase a particular trend without breaking the bank. While discussing the topic of trends for this spring and summer season, France stated that he is most excited about “oversized suiting,” “cropped boxy little suits,” “white dresses [and] white skirts,” and the implementation of the color red. 

France clarified, however, that he does not “really care about trends.” 

“The reason why I say that is because I don’t love to say, ‘Hey, this trend, that trend.’ Because I don’t want people to think, ‘Oh, if I don’t do that. I’m not cool. I’m not relevant.’ No. Most trends don’t work for me. I will find a trend every season and I’ll think, ‘Okay that’s the one I want to go with,’” explained the “Queer Eye” star. 

He then shared which staples he believes everyone should have this spring and summer. He recommended owning a “great pair of jeans.” 

“I know that the younger ones are saying that skinny jeans are out. And maybe they are. However, that great jean that makes you feel wonderful, whatever that cut is – go for that. I couldn’t care less what that shape is, as long as you feel amazing in it,” said France. 

The fashion designer also shared he believed “the bomber aviator jacket is back in a major way” for the Spring 2024 season.  

“Different proportions. But still back. So that’s a classic that you can keep in your closet for the rest of your life. And some point within the next few years, it’ll come back,” continued France. 

In addition, the television personality recommended having “a well-fitting suit” in one’s wardrobe. 

“I look online a lot and somebody was saying, ‘There’s no such thing as classic clothing. The fit always changes,’” stated France. “But when it comes to a suit – yeah maybe oversized suiting is massive right now, but it doesn’t mean that well-fitting suit that you have five years ago isn’t still appropriate. It is.”

As for who he considers a style icon this spring season, France named Hailey Bieber and his “Next in Fashion” co-hosts Alexa Chung and Gigi Hadid as who he most admires in terms of fashion. 

Tan France Gave Advice to Those Who Want to Take Inspiration From Others 

In our exclusive interview, France gave advice to individuals on a budget interested in taking inspiration from celebrities like himself. For instance, he stated that those who have an appreciation for his Salt Lake City home, featured in Architectural Digest, should focus on specific features that they admire. 

“It kind of ties back to the trends comment in fashion. What in that space makes sense for me and my life? Do I want the overall aesthetic? Yes. But do19 I need everyone of those details for it to look like that? No. Go for things that really work for you,” said France.