Gerry Turner Gives Details on ‘Intimacy’ During Fantasy Suite Dates

gerry turner fantasy suites

Heavy Gerry Turner

“Golden Bachelor” Gerry Turner has dished up some details on intimacy and the fantasy suite dates.

He has said in multiple media appearances that the fantasy suites were a “watershed” moment for him.

The preview for the November 16, 2023, episode shows Turner and the final two women engaging in fantasy suite dates. The women are Theresa Nist and Leslie Fhima, and the fantasy suites occur in Costa Rica, which is the first time the “Golden Bachelor” and contestants have gone out of the country for the show.

Although it’s not yet clear who Turner picks, he has been giving out some details on the fantasy suites in a series of national media appearances.

Here’s what you need to know:

Gerry Turner Told Tamron Hall That the Phrase ‘Knockin’ Boots’ Is a ‘Texas Euphemism for Intimacy’

Turner spoke about the fantasy suites when he appeared on the Tamron Hall show.

Hall told Turner that the executive producer of the “Golden Bachelor” was quoted as saying the phrase “knockin’ boots will be thrown around.”

“Little bit,” Turner admitted. Then he gave his definition of the phrase.

“Well so, maybe it’s a Texas euphemism for intimacy right?” Turner said.

He then explained: “But the misdirect is that that really wasn’t what those fantasy suites were for. You know, I found the fantasy suites to be the perfect moment to connect intellectually and emotionally with these women, where I couldn’t have conversations basically in front of our grandchildren. When you’re on camera and mic-ed, everything is in front of your grandchildren.”

Gerry Turner Says Younger People May Be Focused on ‘Lust’ in the Fantasy Suites, But He Used the Time to Have ‘Watershed’ Conversations With the Final 2 Women

Turner also spoke about what happens in the fantasy suites on Live With Kelly and Mark.

Kelly Ripa asked Turner to explain what happens in the fantasy suites.

“Everybody wants to know about the fantasy suites,” Turner conceded.

He continued, “As you get older, your priorities change, right, so you go from genuine love search to maybe the younger group that is lust.”

Turner added: “And so I was dying to get to the fantasy suites so I could have the emotional connection and the intellectual connections to these women and really have conversations that weren’t on camera and didn’t have a microphone. Believe me, it was watershed moments. I learned so much.”

Ripa then joked that ABC probably had a microphone somewhere.

Turner also spoke about the fantasy suites on Bachelor Nation.

He said he was enjoying every moment of the show. He said, though, that it was “confusing” and “conflicting” to develop feelings for multiple women. Turner said it was important to separate out general affection and admiration for the women from a true connection “you would have with a life partner.”

According to Turner, he was nervous and excited “about the fantasy suite.” He said the general assumption is that fantasy suites are the stage for and lead to a “physical intimacy.” He said the reality was not that way “at all for me in the fantasy suites I had.”

“Rather it was the perfect opportunity for the connection on an emotional and intellectual level and the exchange of ideas and beliefs and values and all of that,” Turner said to Bachelor Nation. He said people might have a different priority in their 20s and 30s in the fantasy suites. In your 70s, it’s about an emotional connection more, Turner told Bachelor Nation.

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