Faith Martin Reveals Why She Thinks Gerry Turner Didn’t Pick Her

faith martin

Heavy Gerry Turner, Faith Martin and the other contestants.

Faith Martin has revealed her theories on why “Golden Bachelor” Gerry Turner didn’t pick her as one of the two finalists.

Martin returned for an emotional reunion on the “Women Tell All” episode on Thursday, November 8, 2023. Although she tearfully told Turner how much she cared for him and how hurt she was by the rejection, Martin never asked him the key question many fans wanted to know: “Why didn’t he pick her?”

As fans of the show now, Turner narrowed his final two down to Theresa Nist and Leslie Fhima, leaving Martin, a radio host from Washington State, without a rose. That left her heartbroken, she told Turner in the reunion special.

On her Instagram page, Martin called it “the most gut-wrenching rose ceremony yet 🫣.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Faith Martin Believes the Fact She Wasn’t Willing to Move & Wasn’t a Pickleball Player Might Have Caused Gerry Turner to Cut Her

Faith Martin

Heavy/ABCDid Faith Martin spoil “The Golden Bachelor?

Martin spoke to People Magazine after her reunion with Turner, and she told the magazine that she believes Turner may have cut her due to their “contrasting lifestyles” and the fact they live in different states. Many fans had speculated that this gave Turner pause after Martin told him point-blank during their hometown date that she didn’t want to move away from her sons and the spot where her dead horse is buried.

“He never brought that up, but I had felt that that might’ve been,” Martin told People. “I remember that night thinking, ‘Oh, should I have done that?’ But, I wouldn’t have been being honest had I not said that. He needed to know that because I’m just not the type of person that can see my kids a couple of times a year.”

Martin also said the fact she and Turner have different interests and she is not into pickleball might have contributed to Turner cutting her, despite their connection. She is an outdoors person, she said, indicating there might have been a compatibility question.

“The other part of it is, I love to camp and hike and backpack and be on my horses,” she told People. “I’d never played pickleball before. I mean, there’s a million reasons that he might’ve gone, ‘Ah. This isn’t really a great fit,’ even though we had a strong connection. As hard as it is for me to take, I feel like it was the best decision that he put me out when he did.”

Faith Martin Has a Thriving Career Back in Washington, But Her Family Was ‘Shattered’ That Gerry Turner Didn’t Pick Her

Faith Martin and Gerry Turner

Heavy/ABCFaith Martin and Gerry Turner reconnect at the “Women Tell All.”

Martin will be fine despite the heartbreak; she has a thriving life and career back in Washington State.

In addition to being a radio host for three stations, Martin has a thriving music career, according to her website.

“Faith has been performing for over 40 years, first as a lead singer in multiple bands, covering pop, classic rock and country hits,” her website says. “She spent 20 years as lead singer for The SHADES from 2004-2023. She has also been a part of acoustic duos since 2009, first with Tony Woods, then with Bob Keef of Trespasser, and finally with her longtime band member, Bobby Nelson. She’s performed solo throughout her career and is excited to finally be sharing her originals.”

Martin did reveal to ET’s Denny Director that her family was upset she was cut.

“I think they were shattered. It’ll make me cry. I think it was really devastating for all of us, because I think they fell in love with him a little bit too, just picturing our life together and what that could be,” Martin told Directo of her family. “I think they were all so happy and thinking that it might go that direction, so it was a big surprise and a big letdown.”

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