Is H.E.R. Dating Skip Marley? Is He Her Boyfriend?

Skip Marley and H.E.R. perform onstage during the 51st NAACP Image Awards

Getty Skip Marley and H.E.R. perform onstage during the 51st NAACP Image Awards

H.E.R. is performing “America the Beautiful” before the 2021 Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As an accomplished R&B singer and recording artist, it’s no surprise that H.E.R.’s fans have taken an interest in her personal life and are curious about her current relationship status.

Most recently, speculation from fans has linked H.E.R., whose real name is Gabriella Wilson, to Bob Marley’s grandson Skip Marley. Neither H.E.R. nor Marley have confirmed that their bond is anything more than friendship and artistic collaboration. Without comment from the artists to confirm or deny a romantic relationship, nor evidence of the two out in public as a couple, rumors that they are or were dating should be treated as mere rumors and guessing. If they are, in fact, together, they have not made the relationship public.

Dating Rumors Sparked Following H.E.R & Skip Marley’s Music Video Release

Speculations arose that H.E.R. and Skip Marley might be dating after the music video for their collaborative song “Slow Down” was released. The music video features an intimate scene where the two dance closely with one another on a crowded, dimly lit dance floor.

The lyrics for “Slow Down” are romantic in nature. At one point, they sing the lyrics, “Baby, I’ve been fantasizing / Just looking in your eyes / You know I’m looking for more / And you’re what I’ve been praying for / This kind of love don’t come around like this / I’m not one to play around like this / It’s so real / And I love how it feels.”

In August 2020, H.E.R. posted photos on Instagram that geotagged her in Jamaica. Her fans and followers interpreted those posts as an indication that perhaps she was in Jamaica spending time with Marley. The two did not indicate that they were spending time together in Jamaica; if they were, they chose to do so out of the public eye.

Marley Says That He & H.E.R Have a ‘Natural Connection’

Though Marley and H.E.R. have not directly responded to relationship rumors, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been asked if there is more to their connection than artistic collaboration. According to, when Angie Martinez told Marley that he and H.E.R. look cute together, he dodged the comment, responding, “Cute together? Ahhh…”

Though he didn’t give any insight about potential romantic interest between the two, he did say that they vibed with one another really naturally after he asked her to sing on a track with him. “It was a natural connection… as we met it was just a natural type of vibe between us, it’s like we get each other a little bit. I had the track and I thought it wasn’t complete and a man suggest to me, ‘why don’t you see who else you can get on the track?’ and I was thinking for a while and he said, ‘what about H.E.R?’ and I was like, ‘H.E.R would be dope still.'”

Of H.E.R., Marley did admit he thinks she “is so down-to-earth man, she’s so cool, she’s beautiful, yeah man. H.E.R is great.”

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