Where Was Hallmark’s ‘Love on Safari’ Filmed? Can You Visit?

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Hallmark is airing encores of its 2018 summer-themed movie, Love on Safari. The setting for this film is absolutely breathtaking, so you’re likely wondering just where it was filmed. Read on for all the details and how you can visit the same locations yourself.

Love on Safari was filmed on location in South Africa, and they spent almost a month filming there. This is rare for a Hallmark movie, since many times they are filmed in more local areas of Canada and on a much quicker timescale.

More specifically, the movie was filmed in Johannesburg, South Africa at Brookers Reserve and in Belabela, South Africa at an elephant sanctuary, according to IMDB. More specifically, Instagram photos from the filming reveal that many scenes were filmed in Hartbeespoort, a resort town just north of Johannesburg. Two of the main locations there were Glen Afric Country Lodge and the Leopard Lodge of Hartbeespoort. Read on for more details and to see lots of behind-the-scene Instagram photos.

Everyone Loved Filming in South Africa

The filming location was so far away that Lacey Chabert, who stars in the movie, went by herself. She typically brings her family, even her daughter who is about to turn 2, with her, OnTVToday reported.

Chabert told OnTVToday that everything you see in the movie is real.

“We shot it at this beautiful wildlife preserve, and it was an incredible experience to be so up-close and personal with the animals. Obviously, we were very respectful of them, and I just learned so much. The people of South Africa are so kind and good-hearted, and they were so welcoming, it really was a dream come true to be there.”

In an interview with It’s a Wonderful Movie, Chabert said about the filming: “The people there are genuinely kind… The land is stunning and the wildlife was awe-inspiring. We stayed at the reserve where we filmed the bulk of the movie and it was just incredible to see giraffe and zebra roaming around! It was surreal. The monkeys would wake me up almost every morning running around on the roof of my room!”

She said the baby elephants were her favorite on set. “All of the animals are so beautiful and interesting in their own ways, but the baby elephants has a special place in my heart.”

Jon Cor also loved his experience filming the movie. He told Harlton Empire, “I tried to get to know some of the insects, the microscopic, even; the iron-rich soil as well as all of our larger, super-curious, intermingling visitors such as the zebras, giraffes and ostriches that would sometimes greet us just outside of our lodges after a long day. You can’t help yourself. …You just, start to talk with ‘em! Building a kind of community, a mutually-harmless education and awareness of each other.”

Here are some more photos from the gorgeous scenery:

Many Scenes Were Filmed in Glen Afric Country Lodge in Hartbeespoort

These photos were taken on the set while filming at Glen Afric Country Lodge. The lodge is 20 minutes from Pretoria and 40 minutes from Johannesburg. It’s open to resident guests and day visitors, so you can certainly visit and see the wildlife and views of the Magliesberg Mountains.

This is also where the TV series Wild at Heart was filmed.

If you visit, you can hand feed much of the wildlife, go on animal walks, and see elephants, hippos, cheetahs, and lions. This includes an hour long walk with elephants through the bushveld, or a 20 to 30 minute elephant interaction.

You can also go on a safari tour of elephants, predators, and many magnificent animals. Bush walks, set tours, and horse rides are also options.

Leopard Lodge Was Also the Home of Some Scenes

Some scenes were also filmed at Leopard Lodge Hartbeespoort. This location even serves as a wedding venue. It’s located on the rock face of the Magaliesberg Mountains. It’s a wonderful place to stay or even host a themed party.

Do you want to visit?

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