Alexa & Carlos PenaVega Suffer Devastating Loss of Baby Daughter

The PenaVegas have suffered a devastating loss.

Hallmark/Heavy The PenaVegas have suffered a devastating loss.

Alexa and Carlos PenaVega shared a heartbreaking loss with their fans on Monday, April 15. The beloved couple, known for starring in multiple movies together on Hallmark, said their baby daughter, Indy, had died after Alexa gave birth to her. The loss followed a difficult pregnancy that had left Alexa hospitalized for five days just a few weeks earlier.

‘Our Daughter Indy Was Born at Rest,’ the Couple Shared

In a post jointly shared on Instagram by both PenaVegas, they revealed that their daughter Indy was “born at rest” after a “peaceful delivery.” They shared that the journey had been very painful, but in their pain they also found peace.

“After a beautiful and peaceful delivery our daughter ‘Indy’ was born at rest,” they wrote. “It has been a painful journey. But in the pain we have found peace. God continues to comfort and hold us in his arms. The prayers from the community around us have been so sustaining in this difficult season. This little girl has already changed our lives in so many ways.”

They shared that she was beautiful and looked so much like her father, Carlos.

“She was absolutely beautiful,” they wrote. “And looked just like daddy. Dark hair and all.”

They continued, sharing how much she already changed their lives in her short time on Earth.

“Indy Rex PenaVega, you completely changed our world,” they wrote. “You moved us to a new place. You gave us the community we have been longing for. We love you can’t wait to see how many other lives you change.”

Their colleagues, followers and friends flooded their post with condolences and prayers.

They Had a Difficult Pregnancy & Had Just Moved to Tennessee in March

Indy was the PenaVegas’ fourth child. The revealed the pregnancy through a joint Instagram post in November.

They have three other young children: Ocean, 6, Kingston, 4, and Rio, 2, Us Magazine reported in November.

But the pregnancy has been rough for the couple. In mid-March, Alexa shared that she had been hospitalized for five days.

In her video post, she revealed that she had been bleeding a week and half earlier and thought that was an odd thing to happen in her third trimester. She said the bleeding stopped, and she thought she was OK, until one morning at 5 a.m. when she went to the bathroom and “blood just kind of went everywhere.”

They raced to the hospital and Alexa said she was terrified because she couldn’t feel the baby kicking until partway through the drive to the hospital. She said she suffered a partial separation of the placenta from the uterus and it was unclear how long she would be able to continue carrying the baby.

She said that she and Carlos PenaVega were grateful they had just moved weeks earlier from their houseboat to Tennessee.

“I just laugh at like, even God’s timing with us,” she said in her video. “Deciding to leave the boat — which was a really, really hard choice because we were so dedicated to that journey — but then arriving here and like, literally within two weeks experiencing this.”

In an Instagram post on March 15, they revealed that they both separately “felt God calling us to take a trip to Tennessee” just two days before New Year’s Eve. While there, they realized they were meant to move to the state and put their planned boat adventure on hold.

“We’ve had a few pregnancy scares since we’ve been here and I am so grateful with Gods timing on getting us off the boat and into a home,” they wrote.

In their post about their loss of daughter Indy, they shared that they were grateful to her for moving them to Tennessee.

“You completely changed our world,” they wrote. “You moved us to a new place. You gave us the community we have been longing for.”

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