Where Was ‘All Saints Christmas’ Filmed? See Cast Stories & Locations

All Saints Christmas

Hallmark All Saints Christmas

The Hallmark Channel’s newest Countdown to Christmas movie, “All Saints Christmas,” premieres on Sunday, November 6, at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Ledisi Young and Roger R Cross. Read on to learn all about where the movie was filmed and see cast stories.

‘All Saints Christmas’ Was Filmed in New Orleans and Vancouver B.C.


“All Saints Christmas” was filmed in both New Orleans and Canada, according to posts shared by people involved in the movie. Thirteen days were spent filming in Vancouver before moving on to New Orleans.

In an interview with MediaVillage, Cross talks about how filming the movie on Bourbon Street in New Orleans was a lot of fun.

“Shooting on Bourbon Street was a treat,” Cross said. “I love New Orleans, and thankfully it was the off-season so it wasn’t as [crazy] as it can get. But people came up and said, ‘Oh my gosh, this is fun. We know you guys. We love this, and we love Hallmark movies! So, we had some bystanders in the film, and in some camera pans you see people watching us as we were shooting.”

The French Quarter of New Orleans is home to Bourbon Street, which is steeped in history and stretches for 13 blocks from Canal Street to Esplanade Avenue. During the day, Bourbon Street is rather calm, but it comes to life at night.

Post-production of the movie started on September 19 and ended on October 25, according to IMDb Pro.

Director Troy Scott took to Instagram to share his excitement about the movie.

While filming in Vancouver, Troy Scott shared a lot of behind-the-scenes content, revealing the crew hard at work at all times of the day.

“Almost hitting the 45 hour mark of making our movie on day 4,” Scott wrote in one post on August 20 with the hashtag #vancouverfilm.

“Here we are having happy golden days on day 3,” Scott wrote in another post.

“Circle that take,” he wrote about the fifth day of filming.

“A Day #6 Like No Other! #allsaintschristmas” he shared in another post.

“DAY 13 & WRAPPED IN VANCITY!” he revealed.

Beauty expert Sir Tony shared this video on Instagram about filming in New Orleans.

“Well another one in the can. @ledisi is starring in a new Christmas movie,” Sir Tony wrote.

And Scott also shared a series of posts about filming in New Orleans, after having filmed in Vancouver.

On September 14, he wrote: “Day 1 Prep In NOLA.” The first day of shooting was on September 15.

They wrapped in New Orleans on Day 15 overall, he shared.

The movie will premiere in Canada on November 13, after premiering November 6 in the U.S.

Meet the Cast


Hallmark’s synopsis for the movie reads:

Lisette Toussaint (Ledisi), a successful R&B singer whose life is at a crossroads, both professionally and personally, finds herself the focus of media scrutiny this Christmas when a picture of her with her ex-boyfriend, music producer Matthew Myles (Cross), is misinterpreted as a sign of their surprise engagement. Word gets around at lightning speed, especially with her New Orleans-based family, who let her know they expect them both to come home for Christmas. Lisette and Matthew decide to ride out the surge of publicity over the holidays because setting the record straight runs the risk of making them look like it was just a PR stunt. It would also take the focus away from her legendary jazz musician father’s big retirement concert in New Orleans on Christmas Eve, where Lisette is scheduled to perform. Once back in the Big Easy, Lisette shows Matthew her beloved city at Christmas. With the help of her brash, beautiful, and always opinionated family, she reconnects with her roots – both musically and emotionally. Most of all, she reconnects with Matthew. But should she trust her heart when it comes to the man who already broke it once, or is she headed into another refrain of holiday heartache?

Ledisi Young plays Lisette Toussaint. According to Young’s bio, she also performs: “Home on Christmas” and “Be There for Christmas” in the movie. Young got her first Grammy in March 2021 for Best Traditional R&B Performance for “Anything for You.” In the summer of 2020, Young released her self-titled debut album, which featured her first Billboard Hot 100 number-one single, “Wildcard.” In April 2021 Young published “Ledisi Live at The Troubadour,” which was followed with a pay-per-view virtual performance.

She starts her tour with Kem and their special guest Musiq Soulchild on November 6 in Nashville. Ledisi will Sing Nina with the Nashville Symphony. On November 4, she posted a funny reel on Instagram about her schedule that day, which started with being on set at 5 a.m. with Sir Tony.

Roger Cross plays Matthew Myles. According to his bio, Cross grew up in Jamaica until he was 11, when he and his family relocated to Vancouver. He had a lot of fun acting in school, but his dream was flying, so he attended Trinity Western University to major in aviation. Cross began acting as a stunt performer and extra as he looked for a job that would allow him to use his flying skills. His life-changing role was on “24” as Curtis Manning. He’s also starred in numerous projects, including “Stargate SG-1,” “Arrow,” “First Wave,” “The Guard,” “Dark Matter,” and more.

He took to Instagram to show some behind-the-scenes content from the movie.

“#AllSaintsChristmas is coming together nicely!!!” he wrote.

In another post, he wrote: “Was a great shoot. Love the video recap @troydirects #AllSaintsChristmas”

“What your director looks like when you ask him a strange question at 3am!” he wrote in another post.

“It’s the voodoo that you do Lucas #acrofireentertainment and yes, I checked the ball! #AllSaintsChristmas” he wrote in another Instagram post.

Also starring in the movie are:

  • Peter Bryant (Abner Toussaint)
  • Trezzo Mahoro (Clay)
  • Tosca Baggoo (Ora Toussaint)
  • Miranda Edwards (Taborah)
  • Don Mike (Bob)
  • Lucia Walters (Gia Cole)
  • Darien Martin (Zac)
  • Candus Churchill (Muriel Cole)
  • Hamza Fouad (Parker)
  • Matteo Friend (Pushy Reporter)
  • Sophia Noella (Fan)
  • Artine Browne (Rocky)
  • Colleen Monica Machnikowski (Oshen)
  • Denzel Brooks (India Bass)

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