WATCH: All-Time Best Hallmark Christmas Movie Parody Videos

Hallmark Christmas Movie Parodies

YouTube & Facebook These are the best Hallmark Christmas movie parody videos.

The Hallmark Channel is known for making numerous Christmas movies every year.  Some fans like to poke fun at their favorite movies and how the plots can sometimes be similar from year-to-year. Here is a roundup of the six best Hallmark Christmas movie parody videos on the Internet.

1. The Holderness Family’s Hallmark Musical

The Holderness Family recently released a video titled If Hallmark Christmas Movies Were a Musical. This movie is a “sequel” of sorts to two other Hallmark parodies they released this holiday season. It’s listed here first because not only is it funny, but the Holderness Family went through the trouble of creating original songs for their musical parody.

One viewer commented about the musical: “Santa being pissed off at everyone not figuring out who he is is my spirit animal.”

Another viewer wrote, “Kim lip-synchs better than half the performers on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.”

A third viewer wrote: “Can we just take a moment to appreciate how talented Kim and Penn are? Like they actually wrote these songs and performed them for our enjoyment.”

As a bonus, here are their first two Hallmark parodies of 2020. This is another reason The Holderness Family received top-billing for the best Hallmark parodies of 2020 — they went all out in 2020 and even made a total of three Hallmark parody videos.

Here’s the second parody they released:

The Holderness Family consists of Penn and Kim Holderness and their two children. In 2013 they made a “Xmas Jammies” video that went viral. Now they make videos and parodies for Holderness Family Productions. According to their website, Kim Holderness was a correspondent for Inside Edition and a TV reporter before beginning her own business, Greenroom Communications. Penn Holderness worked in the TV business for 18 years, including as a sports director, an HGTV host, and an ESPN reporter.

2. ‘A Very COVID Christmas’

Steve Olson was ahead of the curve back in April when he created this Hallmark parody commercial called A Very COVID Christmas. 

One viewer wrote: “I loved it! … I watch each and every Hallmark Christmas movie ever made, I couldn’t stop laughing.”

Another viewer commented, “When I saw the thumbnail I actually thought it was a real hallmark movie hahahaha.”

3. SNL’s Hallmark Christmas Promo

Of course, Saturday Night Live has provided some stellar Hallmark parodies over the years. One of their best is a parody of Hallmark commercials. “It’s either me or Christmas,” is maybe one of the best lines in this next video.

As a bonus, here’s a video SNL released in 2019 called the Hallmark Dating Show.

4. Lume Deodorant’s ‘Tallmark’ Movie

Lume Deodorant created a Tallmark movie in 2020 that they released in mid-November.

On their Facebook page, this video currently ranks as their most popular one. They’ve also been releasing short clips from the movie throughout the season.

5. ‘First Snow’ by ‘Smallmark’

Mixed Nuts Productions created this parody in 2018. The twist at the end is quite unique and one that most Hallmark parody videos don’t include.

Mixed Nuts Productions notes on their YouTube account that they are “Filmmakers from South Jersey. Home of LIVING IN 8 BITS, Indie Feature Film NO FOOTING, Music Videos and other Mixed Nuts Productions projects.”

6. ‘Every Hallmark Movie’

Aphotic Productions created this parody in 2018, performed by a husband and wife acting duo Anthony Fanelli and Arielle Fanelli.

One person commented: “This is ridiculously accurate. The only thing that you left out was the lady’s city boyfriend coming to the small town to find her. Lol”

Another viewer wrote: “The only thing missing was the cell phone interruptions at key moments, because no one knows how to let calls go to voicemail in this universe.”

Aphotic Productions is an LA-based production company.


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