Brennan Elliott’s Wife Shares Update 2 Years After Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis

Brennan Elliott

Heavy/Hallmark Brennan Elliott in Hallmark's "A Gift of Peace"

Two years after receiving the stunning news that her stomach cancer had progressed to stage 4, Camila Row, wife of longtime Hallmark star Brennan Elliott, is breathing a “big sigh of relief” over her latest test results and marking an important milestone: surviving and thriving beyond the “expiration date” she was originally given.

After a January surgery and undergoing 10 rounds of a new chemotherapy drug, which Row has documented on her private Instagram account, she recently had scans to determine whether the latest chemo regimen has kept her cancer from spreading. On March 4, 2024, Row posted a screenshot of the radiology report, with the word “stable” highlighted in three places.

“99% of this looks good and I am letting out a big sigh of relief and screaming thank you’s to sky above,” she wrote. “Stable and no new sites of metastasis is AWESOME!”

The latest news is promising, but Row, 39, is also open and honest about the challenges ahead, including the physical toll that surgeries and ongoing treatments are taking. Despite the challenges, she is determined to build awareness about the realities of living with gastric cancer and has become a vocal advocate for more research and personalized patient care, with Elliott by her side.

Here’s what you need to know:

Camila Row Says She Has Surpassed Her ‘Expiration Date’

Row was initially diagnosed with early-stage stomach cancer in 2018 and underwent successful treatment, which included chemotherapy and having her “complete stomach removed,” she shared in an interview with the Hope for Stomach Cancer advocacy group.

However, in early 2022, Elliott told People that his wife’s cancer later returned and spread, resulting in a stage 4 diagnosis. In the two years since, Row has undergone many surgeries and innovative treatments at City of Hope Cancer Center in Los Angeles, determined to beat the odds.

“I’ve actually just surpassed my expiration date because when I was first diagnosed (with stage 4), the longest prognosis I got was 24 months,” she recently told Today. “So to be here and say I’m still here, I’m still doing extremely well.”

In her latest post, Row, a former clinical psychologist, did note that the test results show how all of the interventions she’s undergone have taken a toll on her body.

“Mild thickening of the peritoneum, tissue stranding, mild ascites (fluid) are long standing issues that I have due to my treatments, my many surgeries, extensive scar tissue/fibrosis…these are not necessarily cancer, so I will take that as a win,” she wrote.

In an Instagram post on February 27, Row shared several photos including one of Elliott with her at the infusion clinic where she receives chemo via an IV. Another photo revealed the extent of her surgery scars, with a large vertical scar down her torso and others around her abdomen.

She wrote, “No longer have a belly button 🙁. The most bothersome part is that the mobility of my torso has been affected. It definitely harder to stand tall, stretch back, or twist. Despite this, I am so thankful. It can always be worse so I am grateful that while it can all suck, I am managing and to me that’s a win!”

Row also expressed her gratitude in her latest post about her scan results, writing, “I had a lot of #scanxiety leading up to this scan so I am so happy it’s over and I can move on with my life for now. Everyday, every week, every month is a whirlwind, so I am filled with gratitude that I am blessed with these results.”

Brennan Elliott Paid Tribute to Wife Camila Row on Valentine’s Day

Elliott and Row have leaned on each other while navigating her unpredictable cancer journey.  The couple — who are parents to Liam, 11, and Luna, 9 — shared their love for each other on Valentine’s Day in separate social media posts.

In a lengthy tribute to Row, Elliott wrote, “u inspire me each and every day to appreciate the little things in life. Witnessing the fighting spirit and no quit in you has been the most incredible thing to witness!”

Elliott continued, “I will stand by you loving, cheerleading and caregiving as best I can cause Liam,Luna and I all love you very much and are incredibly proud and blessed to have u in our lives!”

In Row’s post on February 14, she wrote, “I could have not asked for someone with a bigger heart, who loves deeply & unconditionally, someone who puts their heart and soul into making sure I have a better day. He is truly my rock and God knows I needed one and send this one my way 17 years ago.”

Focusing on her family and advocating for other stomach cancer patients are Row’s priorities now.

“If I have limited time, I’m going to make my time worth it and count,” Row told People. “Knowing that I can make a difference really helps me feel like my disease is not in vain.”

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