Fans Offer Prayers as Brennan Elliott’s Wife Faces New Cancer Surgery

Brennan Elliott in "All of My Heart Inn Love"

Hallmark Brennan Elliott in "All of My Heart Inn Love"

Hallmark star Brennan Elliott is retweeting messages from fans offering support and prayers as his wife, Cami, faces another cancer surgery.

His Wife Is Having Another Surgery in March

Brennan Elliott retweeted a message from the account @Ann91237283. Ann has been sharing details about Cami’s surgeries and cancer journey over the past year, which Brennan periodically retweets.


TwitterPost that Elliott retweeted.

In this post, Ann shared: “Cami Update: Cami’s preparing for her 4th HIPEC surgery in early Mar. She technically has No Evidence Of Disease. This is a maintenance measure to keep her ‘cancer under wraps’. Still, she has her anxious moments. Please pray for peace for her & @brennan_elliott as she prepares.”

Brennan revealed in early April 2022 that Cami had been diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic gastric cancer. In an interview with People in August, he shared that his wife is doing better now, even though the journey is still difficult.

“Right now, there’s no evidence of disease,” he told People. “We’re happy about that. We just want to keep that cancer critter away from her. It’s a lot of long nights.”

Ann also shared a screenshot explaining the type of surgery that Cami is having.

Sue Edelman added in a tweet, which Brennan shared: “This will be Cami’s 4th HIPEC treatment. This is pretty amazing because not too many patients have had more than 2. She is a mighty warrior on a mission to be a survivor of #Stage4 #StomachCancer.❤️🙏🏻”

She also shared a recent photo of Camilla from Instagram, writing: “Doesn’t she look gorgeous? She’s living her #bestlife. Wishing her a continued ‘clean’ outcome after her upcoming #Hipec surgery.”

According to Hopkins Medicine, HIPEC surgery stands for Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy surgery, which is used for some abdomen cancers. The surgery involves removing tumors and applying chemotherapy drugs directly to the abdomen to help get rid of any other cancer cells. This helps effectively treat any cells that may have moved to the lining of the abdominal cavity, for example.

Brennan Elliott Has Said Fans’ Prayers Are Important to Him & Cami

Ann shared her joy with so many fans saying they were praying for the Elliotts.

She wrote: “I’m thrilled w/the number of folks who are sending prayers & support for Cami’s upcoming HIPEC surgery as well as for @brennan_elliott. For now, I’ll just post ‘Keep praying’ in the daily greeting ’til there’s more to share. So keep 🙏🙏 for calm & peace for both cuz we care.”

Brennan has also shared his appreciation for fan prayers. In December he shared a previous article about her surgery and wrote, “🙏🙏tHANKYOU all 4 continued prayer and keeping cami and our family in your thoughts and prayers.”

He’s also told fans that their prayers are a big part of the reason that his wife fights so hard.


He wrote, “your prayers have been the greatest blessing. I truly believe she wouldn’t be fighting this hard without all of your support and encouragement!”

Both Brennan and Cami Elliott appeared in a video for Hope for Stomach Cancer, where they shared openly about their experience and how long it took Cami to get diagnosed.

“Initially, I was secretive of my stage 4 status because I didn’t want people to look at me as a sickly cancer patient,” Cami wrote in a blog post for Hope for Stomach Cancer. “But now I feel like I am on a mission to spread awareness and hopefully be an example of a stage 4 patient who is thriving.”

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