Brennan Elliott Retweets Post About Wife’s Next Cancer Surgery: ‘Pray Fervently’

Brennan Elliott on The Gift of Peace

Brennan Elliott on The Gift of Peace

Hallmark star Brennan Elliott is seeking prayers for his wife Cami, who is now facing another major cancer surgery. He’s been open with fans about their cancer journey, and has shared that their support plays a big role in her perseverance. Now she has another surgery coming up, according to a message that he retweeted this week. The series of messages asked fans to pray fervently for the couple.

Cami Is Feeling ‘More & More Anxious’ & ‘It’s Imperative’ to Pray, the Tweet Shared

On Twitter, the account @Ann91237283 shared details about Cami’s upcoming surgery, just like the account did before Cami’s previous surgery. Brennan retweeted the message, confirming its accuracy.



Ann wrote in the original post: “Cami said she is feeling ‘more and more anxious’ about her upcoming #hipec surgery as ‘each subsequent surgery is harder to tolerate.’ It’s imperative that we keep her covered n prayer. @brennan_elliott needs our prayers as well. 🙏for☮️. We❤️you Brennan & Cami.”

He also retweeted a message from Star Christian that went along with Ann’s message, which read: “I pray with my husband as well for Cami. My heart goes out to
@brennan_elliott & I hope he feels all our prayers because I do believe in miracles. I have been blessed to have been raised in the church & see how faith can be revitalized through prayer.”

Brennan retweeted this very story and wrote: “🙏🙏tHANKYOU all 4 continued prayer and keeping cami and our family in your thoughts and prayers.”

According to Hopkins Medicine, HIPEC surgery stands for Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy surgery, which is used for some abdomen cancers. The surgery involves removing tumors and applying chemotherapy drugs directly to the abdomen to help get rid of any other cancer cells. This helps effectively treat any cells that may have moved to the lining of the abdominal cavity, for example.

When one fan asked Ann to keep them updated, she wrote: “I will. If you see ‘just keep praying’ it’ll mean no update & that she’s just in the waiting mode. I just want us all to pray daily & often, w/or w/o an update. @brennan_elliott gives a lot of himself to us & he & Cami deserve all the support we can give them. He has great fans.”

Ann also shared that Cami’s surgery is going to be the week of Christmas. In another message that Brennan retweeted, she wrote: “Continue to pray fervently & often for Cami’s upcoming surgery. Also for @brennan_elliott, husband & caregiver for Cami, the important one in her life & she in his.”


Fans flooded each tweet with replies, promising to pray and hold the couple in their thoughts.

On December 6, Ann shared an update which Brennan also retweeted.


“Cami and @brennan_elliott may have their anxious moments but they still make time to stay in the moment with a morning walk together,” Ann wrote. “Just keep praying for this beautiful couple.”

Elliott shared his own post on the same day, reposting a sweet message from Cami to him.

Brennan wrote: “On a lovely morning walk with my warrior. Thank you for being you, stay strong, but know I am here always and forever holding you up.

Brennan revealed in early April that Cami had been diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic gastric cancer. They’ve been open with friends and fans about their health journey. In an interview with People in August, he shared that his wife is doing well, but the journey has been tough.

“Right now, there’s no evidence of disease,” he told People. “We’re happy about that. We just want to keep that cancer critter away from her. It’s a lot of long nights.”

Brennan emphasized to People that all the prayers from fans meant so much to them.

Cami’s Instagram is set to private, but her bio notes: “Stage IV SRCC (Currently NED!)”

In a previous Instagram post, Brennan thanked his fans for their support.

He wrote, “your prayers have been the greatest blessing. I truly believe she wouldn’t be fighting this hard without all of your support and encouragement!”

Brennan Elliott’s New Movie Premieres Saturday, December 10

Brennan Elliott’s new movie with co-star Nikki DeLoach, “The Gift of Peace,” premieres on Saturday, December 10, on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries at 10 p.m. Eastern.

Elliott previously shared that filming for the movie wrapped on September 20.

He wrote: “What an experience to create this heartfelt powerful #christmasmovie for @hallmarkchannel @hallmarkmoviesandmysteries with these incredibly talented and beautiful souls! … THANKYOU to all of you for collaborating together to create a beautifully powerful experience I one will never forget! Might need a few days to process this o e!🙏😘😂 ”

Elliott replied to DeLoach’s post, writing: “Looking forward to seeing all the hard work everyone put in to this very SPECIAL movie! It’ll touch peoples hearts cause u r all HEART girl!❤️”

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